Letter: Regulating bitcoin will be good for the real economy

I need to be lacking the real purpose why governments are usually not merely closing down bitcoin and different cryptocurrency “miners”. In the FT on April 14 we’ve bitcoin proven in Datawatch on web page 1 as the world’s largest bubble; we’ve a platform for buying and selling 20 per cent of those cash valued at $74bn on web page 9 (Report, April 14), whereas on web page 8 we hear how conventional trade is struggling to regulate CO2 emissions.

So we’ve an unregulated trade that produces no tangible profit, emits extra CO2 than a significant nation, sucks up the world’s provide of pc chips, is the platform of selection for cyber criminals and which will harm the real economy when its bubble bursts. It is tough to control metal, coal and concrete producers with out hurting the real economy, however eradicating bitcoin’s CO2 emission can be carried out with the strokes of a number of pens.

Philip Winckle
Danderyd, Sweden

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