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Amy Tom talks to Yevheniia Shmelkova, the Token Specialist at Mysterium Network about crypto exchanges. Yevheniia explains among the strategic choices behind selecting which crypto trade to get listed on together with assessing your total purpose, understanding your neighborhood, and extra. Why would I checklist my mission on a crypto trade? When is the perfect time to checklist my mission? Find out on this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast.

In this episode, Amy and Yevheniia focus on:

  • Amy confesses her fears of crypto and Yevheniia eases Amy’s considerations about being a first-time investor (02:50)
  • At what level must you get your mission listed? What occurs after the mission will get listed? (06:03)
  • How to decide on which crypto trade to get listed on (09:09)Does it make sense to checklist on a number of exchanges? Yevheniia says, “it relies upon” (11:36)
  • The distinction between centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges (12:43)
  • The greatest itemizing technique relating to crypto exchanges (14:26)
  • The widespread exchanges to get listed on. Does Amy really want to ask? Yes… sure, she does (16:25)
  • Yevheniia’s recommendation for corporations/people who find themselves itemizing a token for the primary time (18:52)
  • Mysterium’s token, Myst, which is how Mysterium customers pay for his or her VPN (21:36)
  • How can “crypto infants” like Amy study extra about tokenization? (24:02)

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Machine-Generated Podcast Transcript (Please Excuse The Errors)

Amy: [00:00:00] So, you already know, effectively that meme the place Spiderman comes out after which all the different Spiderman comply with him. I’m wanting everybody to image me as Spider-Man, as when I’m dropping into your feed 3 times every week. I’m coming in. On a practice, a Spider-Man practice main the best way. And I additionally simply wish to speak about how Peter Parker should not have pursued MJ.

I imply, MJ is barely in it for him being Spider-Man. She thinks Peter Parker is a loser. She simply thinks that Peter Parker did not present as much as her live performance and he ought to have simply let it go. So that is all I’ve to say for at the moment. Anyways, that is the hacker midday podcast, after all. And my title is Amy Tom. Today.

I’m joined by Yevheniia and he or she is the token specialist at Mysterium. So once more, yeah, please introduce your self to the podcast. So, hello guys, my title is Eugenia, and as Emily talked about, stamatakis specialists that this do community. So I imply accountable for like all actual discuss human improvement, in addition to shelter after which longterm.

Yevheniia: [00:01:14] So for our exterior communication is exchanges exterior stakeholders, in addition to creating varied speaking primarily based initiatives to help our committee. Cool. And are you able to inform me how you bought began within the crypto business? I believe that is fascinating. Yeah. So it truly began for my private curiosity. I’ve one buddy and he or she truly began mining.

If you’ve gotten in 2017, when it appears like on the hive after which I wished to make them extra bucks. So I entered it as a crypto buying and selling course. And then additionally it was like a increase of all these bounties and ICO’s. So I used to be additionally in collaborating some like boundary campaigns and in some I nonetheless mission to exit what are scams and never so.

Those story. And then it truly drove to personnel, like want extra skilled improvement. Okay. So earlier than you took the crypto buying and selling course, have been you already inter thinking about buying and selling and inventory trade issues? No. No funding expertise. Yeah. Actually in Ukraine will not be really easy. So you’ll want to, you already know, interrupt.

We are exterior supplier and there may be like excessive entry boundaries, like. Thinking as {dollars} for preliminary begin or one thing like that. It relies upon the price of the supplier. So I used to be not thinking about for mutable. Something actually scared, scared for, you already know, you suppose that you just lose all of your cash, you’ll simply make investments.

So I used to be like, what a paste? And then like crypto course modified my thoughts fully. 

Amy: [00:02:49] Oh, okay. Why although? Because for me and crypto foreign money, I like, I nonetheless really feel like if I put all my cash in cryptocurrency towards gonna disappear, I do not perceive.

Yevheniia: [00:03:03] No, truly, it was actually like a simple one. So to start with, it is, you already know, everybody can enter an trade and commerce in a decentralized or centralized, if not. So mother and father, and there may be now a for example, a variety of internship and different programs accessible according to all this buying and selling, um, you already know, basic technical evaluation.

Explanation. So it isn’t so arduous. It’s additionally will depend on whether or not you want to spend like a variety of time on it. So it is also, yeah, it regards a while. So inform me in regards to the course that you just took. What did it entail? Well, small truly for, I’d say needing in lengthy bounce buying and selling. So it was , however I’d say that I used to be not so.

I wasn’t fading so lengthy. I then truly shifted to buying and selling bots on crypto exchanges. It’s not the subject, however, um, okay. Interesting. Yeah. I’ve very like mad imposter syndrome about something to do with crypto. I believe it is like very. Complicated. Of course I’m studying about it and studying about it as I am going, nevertheless it simply appears very like convoluted, very sophisticated.

Amy: [00:04:19] So I believe truly, I believe it is fascinating which you could decode it and that you just say that there is a variety of instruments that you just use to know it, as a result of I believe I’m simply coming from just like the very learners edge, like as if this was 2016 and I simply. It’s arising into it, however yeah. So I wish to discuss to you in regards to the crypto exchanges at the moment, due to course, you already know, rather a lot about that.

And in order a token specialist, particularly, so are you able to inform me a bit about. I assume to begin with what crypto exchanges are. Um,

Yevheniia: [00:04:55] it is like an eternity, um, as it’s on the inventory market, like a inventory trade, however for the put to shoppers market. Yeah. So it is like, I’d clarify in actually easy phrases. Okay. So I’m not superstition, it is all this like professionally naming, however I believe it is. They’re very easy to know. Right. And along with your expertise of crypto exchanges, are you skilled in serving to folks get their mission listed or are you skilled as a shopper or consumer?

So after all truly accountable for the itemizing of our mission on totally different exchanges, whether or not it is decentralized or centralized trade. And whereas we’re getting listed to an trade, I must drive on my own. Personally, wolfed would be the first, just like the expertise of our customers. Wednesday, we’ll be interacting with this specific trade.

Amy: [00:05:55] Yeah. So at what level ought to I get my mission listed on a crypto trade then? I’d say that it is truly advance on like your oral technique and oral improvement. So again to 2017, everybody was actually in rush to get listings they’re speaking on the trade, however then a 12 months later when the Bush markets would over, we figured on the market’s a variety of price range that does not occur.

Yevheniia: [00:06:19] Working product behind them. And for example, we’ve got like gone otherwise. So for 3 years in the past, similar to keep on with our white paper developed as a product. And now we’re shifting our mindset to incorporate this itemizing in a single technique. So these days we fell asleep, like construct a working product.

We had achieved lends the final 12 months, 200,000 downloads of our merchandise of our VPN, like our flagship product. And then for the final a number of months we’ve got added two exchanges. It was between international meals provides, exchanges, and it was fast swap, construct a magic from decentralized exchanges, like within the final 4 months.

Amy: [00:06:58] Okay. And are you able to clarify what occurs after my mission will get listed on the crypto trade that I select? Yeah. So what had occurred available on the market is there may be truly one sample for younger mission, particularly. So if you get listed, is there a thousand? So for the primary a number of days to a number of weeks, your worth improve, your buying and selling quantity actually merciless, and you appear to be, wow, am I speaking, will probably be to the moon, however then decreased.

Yevheniia: [00:07:31] It is also liquidity drops, the worth drops, et cetera. So after the itemizing, you additionally want to consider this course of, like emotion perspective and an inbox. So you possibly can only one step, you additionally must suppose how we are able to incentivize your neighborhood, like in a number of months after this crew and the way we’ll keep liquidity.

It’s additionally an vital query as a result of if, for example, we’re speaking about. Centralized exchanges, respected exchanges that may even home mission when you’re not in a position to keep liquidity. And yeah, and for this suggests exchanges, some if for instance you possibly can, for example, work with an expert market maker for dexting to incentivize the neighborhood, to put money into predictable.

So it is finally totally different. And we, for example, created this every engagement conveniently spot. It was in January, February, 2021. And after we skilled them improve by 50% non PDT. And we’re additionally planning to launch one on model three. I hope you’ve gotten seen that within the mushy launched model three at the moment.

Yeah, they need ought to at the moment. Yeah. Okay. And how do I select which crypto trade to get listed on? So this query ought to begin from one vital level, in addition to you are going to primarily based it on hex or index, as a result of there’s two exchanges, it is very totally different. And additionally the selection course of is totally different.

So for example, sports-wise exchanges. First of all, after all you will note on the buying and selling quantity, however a few of them are sufferers, very quantity atrophy exhibiting. So to be selecting on it and I’d advocate what we’ve got executed. I used to be additionally going to ageing, the web site site visitors. And the typical time that the consumer spent on the trade web site and all the data is simply public or you should use do for example, like related math for that.

So for example, if an trade has one billions of buying and selling quantity, it is actually excessive, and you then see that like for the final 12 months solely 400, inform them diffusers have visited this web site, the buying and selling quantity. With excessive proportion will be faux. For occasion, if the typical time that she’s, uh, spent on the web site is one 12 months to half, it is nothing for dealer.

So it looks as if there’s bots which can be actually will increase his site visitors. So I should be fairly how would say selecting if you’re selecting the trade and in addition final however not least most vital level is that you’ll want to test the information. I must test the critiques. Uh, as a result of some exchanges have been hacked.

For occasion, they should, non-US some exchanges, for example, as OPEX in October, 2020, they , or from followers for his or her customers for a number of weeks, so far as I bear in mind. So for example, I do not need this unfavorable expertise for my neighborhood as a result of I do know that it might probably additionally have an effect on like our model picture. So I’m making an attempt to keep away from this trade.

Amy: [00:10:26] Where would you recommend that folks look to comply with the information of this? I believe it is similar to most crypto stars is like going desk till graph, et cetera. So one thing in ops, all sponsor, you already know, once they actually present good overview of the foremost information. Yeah. And I assume you possibly can nonetheless like, take a look at Google earlier than you determine to checklist after which take a look at just like the information tab too, simply to guarantee that there isn’t any unfavorable protection of it.

Okay, cool. Would it make sense to be listed on multiple crypto trade or is that probably not a factor? I’d say that it relies upon. Of course, as I stated beforehand, like, so to start with, when you’re a brand new mission you’ve gotten not too long ago launched the you are speaking, talking, actually, prime two exchanges usually are not so thinking about you.

Yevheniia: [00:11:24] So will probably be actually arduous to, you already know, um, you already know, primarily based on Binance or no matter, proper. Start from like small one. And then if you develop, you possibly can go to the larger one. Also distinctive to consider a geographic distribution of your audience. So for example, if in case you have a major consumer base within the U S after which you’re listed on the exchanges that restricted us guests to commerce, you’ll want to in some way animal to determine it out, to permit the customers to entry the doc.

Right. We have struggle and all that connects to, with two totally different exchanges to the suppliers and to centralize. So customers from totally different areas to love, are you able to clarify the distinction between centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges? It comes from the title. Yeah. So centralized is said by Samson’s clever physique.

It will be like an organization your corporations. And decentralized is modulating by anybody. And from this, there are variations. So for example, internalize trade, your cash are on the trade pockets. So they are not in your private pockets and the corporate managed it. So I imply the trade management of it, however alternatively, so normally centralized exchanges have conferences expertise they usually can help you as a result of they’ve help crew.

So for decks, for example, your funds are in your vault. So you’ve gotten, you already know, um, you’ve gotten extra of this fraud danger, however on the opposite facet, you’ll want to educate your self or some exchanges, easy methods to practice on them. And additionally there isn’t any one who will help you, besides after all, Google searches in the event that they haven’t any points with it.

Amy: [00:13:04] And so why do you suppose that folks would select decentralization over centralization? I believe they will look for anonymity pageant as a result of we all know most of Texas, you’ll want to,  all this withdrawals, deposit leads, no matter, et cetera. And on decks electrical patrol or your telephones. And there isn’t any one who’s picked you, you will be positioned in no matter nation you want to be.

Yevheniia: [00:13:35] Is that an precise international locations or for example, If we’re getting cryptocurrency, as I do know, like India, they’ve actually powerful scenario with that. So it is actually arduous to purchase and promote it. So, you already know, I’d say it is extra about or much less and freedom. Okay. So can we speak about like itemizing technique, proper? Like there’s clearly totally different varied targets which you could have on your token, but when your purpose is to achieve reputation, which I believe is, can be like a typical purpose for it to have somebody, uh, have, in case your purpose is to achieve reputation for the token, then what’s the perfect itemizing technique relating to crypto exchanges.

I’d personally say that you just need not, like, as for mission to proceed with Christine as a separate technique, as a result of you already know, like you’ve gotten your organization technique and it is one a part of it. So itemizing itself is not going to deliver your speaking to 1. So talking, like being fairly sincere, sharp them initiative.

It’s good as a result of it’s your model consciousness. So you possibly can achieve momentum. You know, you possibly can, I do not know, improve your token holders base, however for time period you’ll want to take into consideration expertise. Well, not discuss in the intervening time right here. Well, doge coin, due to course I’d say it is extra, it is extra an exception, however you have acquired speaking about like a traditional mission and also you simply take into consideration what you’ll do when the market will come.

No one will care about your discuss within the varied markets. They will care. What would you truly recommend to the neighborhood on the whole? Yeah. Okay. So if tokenization is not the be all finish all, then what else can they do to extend reputation of their token? Do you suppose? And all this itemizing course of, no matter on the whole, it is varied buying and selling initiatives.

So let’s truly Australian competitors, a drops, bounty, totally different campaigns, no matter. So normally it is actually helps your neighborhood. You may do varied campaigns that will probably be linked to the actual date. For occasion, is the contaminant like a hyperlink to the final 12 months or two Valentine’s day in campaigns or one thing like that?

Amy: [00:15:48] Some like, are you able to give me some examples of widespread, decentralized and centralized exchanges that folks try to get on?

No, I’ve by no means traded.

Yevheniia: [00:16:08] Okay. So if we’re centralizing change, after all it is stopped. Number one is Binance and there are a number of extra first to hurry tips. So the place we listed additionally Rockend Lanex Coinbase. These are a number of and important for decentralized exchanges for him. The first one constructing a feed will not be , however one of the vital widespread builds within the concern of lacking the swap.

And additionally there are a number of of us of it corresponding to for example, financial institution expo on Binus machine they usually solutions, however you as effectively. And thanks. So I’ve seen, I believe the downhill giants indexes, proper? 

Amy: [00:16:51] So you talked about that like, so with, by introduced, proper? Like if I’m a smaller firm or I’ve a smaller following of my token, it could be more durable for me to get on Binance as a result of it is extra widespread.

Yevheniia: [00:17:03] Correct. Uh, they’ve increased entry boundaries. So principally the explanation and to start with, they’re much extra picky to initiatives. And, uh, you want additionally want to know that in case you are itemizing on the centralized trade, you’ll want to present a variety of paperwork. Such costly Spurgeon or deeds, and in addition like proof of corporations deal with, et cetera.

So different like massive authorized paperwork, which you need not truly index index. Everyone can,  speaking no matter. Also the second level, is that normally resting on prime your exchanges value rather a lot. I believe it is well-known. Sometimes it may be as much as even a number of hundred 1000’s of {dollars}. So yeah, it really works so low cost.

You additionally want to think about at this level and, you already know, 

Amy: [00:17:56] Yeah. So I’m simply questioning, like, if I’m a enterprise proprietor and I’m selecting which trade to get listed on, I clearly must stability between having reputation and managing the necessities of getting listed on the trade. So what are, do you’ve gotten any suggestions or tips on how to try this or recommendation to folks?

Well, who’re making an attempt to get listed for the primary time? 

Yevheniia: [00:18:19] I’d say that. As I used to be doing beforehand, I used to be making an attempt to achieve Festifall like, so I created like an inventory of, for example, 24, 10 exchanges and I’ve ranked them. So, to start with, I attempted to achieve wish to probably the most, as an instance, desired exchanges and quantity checklist.

And you do not get going step-by-step as a result of normally this course of for intercourse it is, it is actually lengthy set of exchanges can overview your request for a number of weeks they usually may even to not reply you. So it is like regular  so you will get data and you then’re selecting. So I personally am I created like a selected metrics I do know, discussing collectively internally with my crew.

Like, what’s it in imply? So what’s going to deliver us extra model developments for example, and what will probably be rather more handy for our neighborhood too. We have additionally, for example, deliver Asland down the questionnaire. I believe a number of years in the past, if you’re asking them this, what grip trade you utilize. And one of many, I’d say excessive spanking was further and be mounted.

So we’ve got youngsters as a result of, you already know, we’re additionally ready on what neighborhood actually needs. So yeah. But this, you possibly can truly additionally ask your neighborhood as the identical. We come down this fast swap, for example, we’ve got created the questionnaire and folks voted for that. So, you already know, it is present that you just missed in your committee.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. Why do you suppose it is vital to get listed? Of course it bounces it is Technomics, however you’ll want to give an entry to your speaking to your neighborhood. So for instance, maced, like our token is a fee between nodes, runner and a service, a service shopper. So you are utilizing it to purchase a speaking to be for thermos.

So it is should be, must checklist someplace your token. So then they’ll be capable to purchase this. So you possibly can maintain for another initiatives. Also, for example, they’re additionally modifying additionally economics, and we’ll add staking competence. So Simon will present extra babysitting the motor and disbar neighborhood, I’d say, so this like primary kind, however after all it is good, like on the whole, as a result of it had this enhancement of name consciousness on the whole on your mission, I’d say it is normally positively impacts it.

For engine improvement. Yeah. That is smart. I believe it is like a quite simple query, however like, it takes some thought to love actually pinpoint the significance of it and like focus on it. So, yeah. Thanks for that. Can you inform me extra about mist, the Mysterium token? So imply, like what’s the exercise with what’s, okay.

So, as I already talked about is a funds imply in our system. So customers well-known, miss tokens and Ms. Dawkins. So like everybody can run the notes within the scholar community and it looks as if that is being executed for example, in the intervening time now. Also, I’ve talked about that we’ll be improve towers of economics to phases stating competence.

So there will probably be a possibility to earn extra money by they will miss. And I believe it is actually like a pleasant choice of 4, particularly as a result of it is like impacts the house impression. And so, you already know, taking toxins out of the markets it is positively have an effect on the demand discuss and et cetera. So on the whole, in colleges, so we’ve got, I’d say it is like many trilogy.

And additionally we’ve got all of the geometric mission, some initiatives constructed on prime of this basic community. So we’re additionally making an attempt to develop ourselves not solely as a DPM, but additionally different. Network on which like anybody can construct their very own VPN. Oh, okay. Right. And truly, can I ask you, how lengthy have you ever been working at Mysterium?

I’d say not so lengthy. Something greater than half a 12 months, I believe. Okay. And what was your first, what was your first expertise like skilled expertise with tokens? Um, I used to be truly working for varied initiatives beforehand, principally as a crypto analyst, like freelancer and I used to be additionally working for one funding fund.

And at that second it was, I believe to inform them I’ve been 18 or 19 as like in advertising and marketing the underside. So proper at that second, like launches are speaking, however most of them are targeted on. Providing extra passive earnings advantages for his or her masters. I’d say I used to be not not directly engaged in all this checklist itemizing course of, however I used to be all the time close to this, however from one other facet, Yeah, I’m simply questioning if in case you have any recommendation for up and comers folks within the crypto area who’re simply making an attempt to get into it or little a crypto child is like me on easy methods to study extra about crypto exchanges and simply on the whole.

I’d say that, to start with, you to reply the query for your self, what are the purpose for this? Do you wish to, I do not know, perhaps put money into some initiatives and them make more cash otherwise you simply wish to like, improve consciousness about it. So it will depend on simply basic data. I believe Google works fairly effectively.

Yeah, nevertheless it’s for one thing extra in depth. I’d say first as San individual and doing I would really like weird as studies or like non-public the varsity. They actually are doing this, you already know, good in-depth studies. And how do you suppose that you just realized in regards to the technique relating to crypto exchanges? Just by doing, I’d say sure.

Okay. So in concept, you already know, Yeah. I’ve additionally been working with, um, after all I’ve a variety of good teammates to have this expertise. So they shared one thing. Was there additionally a variety of small issues that you just acknowledged if you are working frost? So I’ll say although, you’ll by no means be capable to learn like all obstacles that you will work out you as listed.

So it is solely by doing and you do not should be scared about, you already know, it is similar to a traditional course of. Yeah. 

Amy: [00:24:50] And would you say that the power to decide on the like quote unquote proper crypto trade will make or break your mission? It signifies that if each mission will be capable to miss that on the trade that they actually need.

Yeah. Like what occurs if I decide the flawed trade? Is {that a} factor? 

Actually there may be all the time a Swiss. Yeah. Especially if, for example, you are listed on an trade and you then determine it out, it is simply actually scum. Sometimes it occurs. I’d say they’re purported to fall. You should be sincere along with your neighborhood.

Yevheniia: [00:25:25] So extra help to search out this. And this will probably be like unfavorable to you and will probably be additionally like unfavorable on your model picture all the time. Yeah. And then after all, to offer the help which you could a minimum of. So for example, whilst you’re itemizing, you’ve gotten some contexts with the direct crew, does it have any points?

I do not know, like this position is actually you possibly can attempt to help them, like from one other facet since you do not just like the direct contact to trade crew. And prefer it’s extra space. Of course you possibly can attempt to discover primary, you already know, assist to say, to eradicate the unfavorable influence that your neighborhood has perceived with the communication with the trade.

But I do not recall, just like the mission that I listed in to this podcast won’t ever determine it out. This unfavorable expertise, all the time massive factor by alternative. Do you already know of any like actual life examples of a token that was listed on a scammy trade that got here again and remains to be widespread. No, I believe linking that it is a killer tolerant of tokens.

So, you already know, there’s, so it isn’t attainable to watch all of them. So, you already know, simply your opponents or the highest performers, as a result of if in case you have no, no time to cash to throw all of them on the tokens, cash, no matter. Yeah. So, I imply, on the finish of the day, then getting listed on a crypto trade is really a method since you may, you can do the flawed one.

Amy: [00:27:05] And I assume, would you say that like, there are higher ones than others? Right? Like, I, I may, if my purpose is to achieve reputation or my purpose is to extend my income, there are higher exchanges than others that I may very well be selecting to assist me meet my purpose proper now. Yeah. Okay, cool. That is smart. All proper.

Great. Well, thanks very a lot for approaching the podcast. I actually respect it. I realized rather a lot about crypto exchanges that I had no concept earlier than. So I’m actually enthusiastic about that. If the listeners want to discover Mysterium and study extra about Mysterium on-line, the place can they appear? You can go to our Mysterium e book, community web sites, and naturally our older social media, corresponding to Twitter, telegram channels, you possibly can consider us on these courts additionally.

Yevheniia: [00:27:53] And I believe I’ll drop my LinkedIn hyperlink only for some, if somebody want to make any form of enterprise partnership or no matter. Perfect. I’ll put all of that within the present notes. Thank you very a lot for approaching the podcast. Thank you. If you favored this episode, do not forget to love share and subscribe to our podcast web page.

Amy: [00:28:14] This episode was produced by hacker midday. It was hosted by me, Amy, Tom, and it was edited by Damian. See you guys once more. Next time. .

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