cryptocurrency: What happens to the cryptocurrency you buy if India decides to ban it

Well, it will not be the first time that the Indian authorities has contemplated over banning cryptocurrencies. Initially, in 2013, when bitcoin was launched, the first few years went in hush-hush. The expertise was new. This was one thing that was a retailer of worth with no central authority.

Not solely the authorities but in addition, enthusiastic buyers have been speculating how bitcoin will prove to be. When after the finish of 2016, this revolutionary monetary asset made noise, the Indian authorities got here to motion.

Any authorities of the world is about authority, energy and regulation. And bitcoin, or quite say, cryptocurrency, took that energy from the authorities. There was no financial institution, no RBI or no scrutiny round your cash. You held an asset and you did your funding, you used the cash gained and you made certain your funding technique works for you. There was no advisory, no policymakers, no brainwashing by any means. The bitcoin funding grew a lot in 2017, that the Indian authorities had to come into motion.

When wheels got here, bicycles have been invented. We all thought that is going to keep. Then got here the motors and we thought the motor autos have been going to keep. Then got here the Wright brothers, who advised us that we additionally might fly. But when the finite provide of car gas can be exhausted, none of those would matter.

On the similar strains, we thought writing letters is the greatest method to attain farther locations. Then growth. The 2000s got here and the web was throughout. The communication might be performed in milliseconds.

So now allow us to speak about what we can not do when there’s a ban. When we are saying the ban, we imply that the transactions between the financial institution and your crypto exchanges will probably be stopped. This implies that you will be unable to convert your native forex into shopping for any type of cryptocurrency. This additionally implies that you will be unable to liquidate your HODLed cryptos and get them encashed. This means, your HODLed cryptocurrency will probably be on *HODL* for a while extra till the ban is uplifted.

But what if you ship your cryptos to somebody who will not be an Indian resident and belongs to a rustic the place crypto is authorized. Well, in that case, you can at all times ship your acquired crypto, and get the equal INR in your financial institution. However, this process of exit would come at a price. The international trade price and penalties would price you greater than the precise trade charges, had there been no ban in your personal nation.

But, you nonetheless want to determine the catch right here. By the above technique, we see that the transactions that contain crypto are nonetheless doable. No authorities can ever tame the web. The authorities tried to ban PUBG. The gaming neighborhood in India recognized VPNs that will nonetheless make PUBG accessible to them. The authorities tried banning porn, however something that’s accessible to everybody, or is made out there on the cloud, can by no means be absolutely tamed. The similar goes with the decentralised and open source-based cryptocurrencies as nicely.

Unocoin is one such platform that lets its consumer buy, promote and commerce 40+ cryptocurrencies. The transactional charges are very nominal as in contrast to the options that it offers. Unocoin has at all times revered and abided by the legal guidelines set by the authorities of India and RBI. But it additionally makes certain it creates an area the place the crypto exchanges are easy. Hence, Unocoin collaborated with Airtm for a cross-platform transaction. With this Unocoin – Airtm collab, any Unocoin consumer can buy any crypto from both platform in trade for his/her native fiat forex and through the pairing coin US

Tether ( USDT), can convert his/her acquired cryptos into one other crypto/fiat forex from the different platform.

It is like getting into a bridge, strolling on the bridge and reaching the different aspect of the river. With the USDT appearing as a pairing coin or the bridge, the stroll from one finish to the different and again to the first finish is feasible.

While there are speculations on the cryptocurrency, the digital forex fanatics know for certain, that these are solely the ups and downs that come of their funding plan. India would finally be a rustic the place there will probably be no inhibitions over cryptocurrencies, eventually.

The author is Co-founder & CEO of Unocoin Technologies Private Limited

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