ASUS: crypto GPU demand is slowing down, gaming demand is still strong

ASUS has revealed some fascinating data of their current earnings report, with ASUS Co-CEO Sy Hsu explaining GPU demand for crypto miners is dying, whereas costs might stabilize quickly, however possibly not.

ASUS’s Co-CEO, Sy Hsu defined: “Because the demand for cryptocurrency mining on GPU shipments has been slowly coming down, the demand for graphics playing cards throughout the market is normalizing. Because the demand from cryptocurrency is disappearing, it is made us marvel if the pricing for GPUs will even normalize. In actuality, the demand for gaming is still strong, so we still do not assume we are able to essentially meet all the demand“.

We’ve seen GPU costs skyrocketing over the past 12 months or so, the place costs had been hitting 150-300% of their common MSRP… however now, now they’re floating again all the way down to actuality. This is not only for one firm, however moderately each — AMD and NVIDIA graphics playing cards are seeing most retailers and e-tailers pricing Radeon and GeForce GPUs at 5-10% above MSRP on common.

GPU crypto mining will proceed to die, with Ethereum 2.0 replace coming… which also needs to assist GPU pricing as we float into the next-gen RDNA 3 and Ada Lovelace GPU architectures.

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