Chinese Police Detains Group Involved in Making Counterfeit GPUs, Valued At $2 Million

Chinese counterfeit GPUs have been circulating the global market for a long time, and the trend has risen, especially after the fall of crypto mining. ITHome now reports that Chinese local police have cracked down on a group selling counterfeit GPUs worth millions of dollars.

Fake & Repackaged GPUs Are on The Rise After Crypto Mining, Several Incidents Reported Mainly In China

This whole saga started in the post-COVID era when the crypto-mining industry crashed, & miners were desperate to clear out their GPU inventory. These mining GPUs are in severely deteriorated condition since they are put in continuous stress conditions. The life span of these GPUs is affected and decreases significantly.

However, to prevent losses, a particular group had surfaced, especially in China where individuals would clean up a graphics card and tune it to look brand new. Such graphics cards are repackaged and shipped to several countries, including the US, where they were available by big retailers. When the “fake” GPUs became widespread, crackdowns against such groups started, and the latest case is in Bincheng District, China.

The Chinese police raided a warehouse where several stacks of mining GPUs were discovered. The individuals caught were involved in GPU repackaging, & it is reported that 22 people were detained in the process. According to estimates, 15 million RMB or $2 million US worth of items (mostly GPU) were confiscated, mostly rebranded cards.

Well, such “counterfeit” GPUs are easily accessible in several popular regions, and gamers often become victims of illegal groups. However, there are some steps you could take to prevent falling into this trap. We suggest consumers opt for NVIDIA/AMD’s latest-gen GPUs to avoid counterfeit products. While the prices of the counterfeit GPUs may entice users, we would suggest buying graphics cards and PC hardware from reputable retailers like Newegg or Microcenter since they provide the best products and after-sales services.

News Source: VideoCardz

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