USDC market cap drops Filecoin (FIL) and DigiToads are favorite altcoins for institutions

There is tremendous diversity in the cryptocurrency scene. Some projects, like USDC, exist to fill gaps in the trading scene by focusing on volatility minimization. Others like DigiToads and Filecoin hinge their projects on utility for users. 

Such dynamism means investors constantly scan the landscape to identify high potential tokens. DigiToads (TOADS) is looking to dramatically shift the public’s understanding of what memecoins offer by actualizing a play-to-earn gaming platform. Such is the level of innovation in this sector. 

DigiToads is almost concluding a successful presale that has raised over $6.4 million. This figure has been achieved by selling out their nine out of ten presale stages with gradual price increases from one stage to the next.Now on its  tenth stage the  prices is set at $0.05 before the presale concludes on 15th August, 2023.

USDC market cap falls as Filecoin usage increases 

Stablecoins are a vital aspect of cryptocurrency trading. They are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to stable fiat currencies like the US Dollar. USDC literally means USD coin and tries to maintain its value at 1 USD constantly. 

Recently, the USDC market cap has reduced by over $1 billion. Managing a stablecoin’s price is a complex affair involving token burns and creation. User redemption rates have made the project burn more tokens than creations, meaning that total supply is now lower. 

In the meantime, Filecoin has gained usage in its storage platform, with over 1 billion gigabytes of storage deals sealed. The uptake has come because Filecoin has made its storage costs more competitive relative to centralized services like the Amazon cloud. FIL holders hope that this improvement could translate to better token prices after the beating of the 2022 bear market..

DigiToads also grows with utility 

 This project also gets its projections of long-term success from user adoption. DigiToads deploys the play-to-earn model to create value for its users. The game revolves around nurturing digital toads in a wetland metaverse. These toads provide the theme for the game’s NFTs that are also a vital part of the value gamers create. 

DigiToads has taken a different path to existing memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. This difference has allowed DigiToads to create organic growth and looks to keep the momentum after launch on 21st August, 2023.

Presale participants have already received 370% gains during the course of the presale. At the launch price of $0.055, the gains will tick up to 450 % from the start of the presale. Therefore, those who come onboard now can still make gains before the end of the presale. 

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Additionally, players have the chance to collect NFTs in the game. The NFTs take the theme of the digital toads and provide unique and valuable collectible items. Users can also lock their NFTs by staking to earn a percentage of TOADS transaction fees. This extra dimension allows for additional value creation. DigiToads users can now mint NFTs at 


The contrasting fortunes of USDC, FIL and TOADS indicate the dynamism of crypto markets. Overall, FIL is picking because of better usage, while DigiToads successful presale is because of its uniqueness. 

DigiToads can become the next 100X token after launch. The success of this presale is proof that there is no singular identity for memecoins. There is room for innovation and creating platforms for users to create more value. Such utility is a basis for sustainable growth and not momentary relevance when there is a rally. DigiToads is launching its gaming ecosystem on 21st August, 2023 and the memecoin landscape will be different forever. 

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