33 Billion SHIB Moved From Exchanges as Shytoshi Kusama Teases Shibarium Launch Today

Yuri Molchan

Whales have shoveled tremendous amount of SHIB within past hour, withdrawing a lot of it from top exchanges


Data provided by crypto tracker Etherscan shows that over the last hour, anonymous Shiba Inu whales have transferred an astounding amount of SHIB meme coins between their wallets, also withdrawing billions of SHIB from major crypto exchanges.

Fourteen transactions spotted by Etherscan bots carried approximately 33 billion Shiba Inu. Among them were two 1.9 billion SHIB lumps withdrawn from a KuCoin wallet to anonymous addresses.

Two billion and 1.8 billion lumps of Shiba Inu were transferred from the OKX exchange, presumably after a recent purchase, to unknown wallets too. Therefore, around four billion SHIB were removed from crypto exchanges, and the rest of the aforementioned 33 billion were exchanged between anonymous crypto whales.

Image via Etherscan

SHIB 6.8% down after Shytoshi Kusama’s speech

Leading meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has demonstrated a 6.8% decrease over the past 24 hours after its lead developer, known as Shytoshi Kusama, delivered a short AI-powered speech during the annual blockchain conference in Toronto, Canada.

After a 4.7% rise, SHIB went lower than that, extending its fall to 6.88% and again adding the fifth zero to its price. At the time of writing this article, the meme coin is changing hands at $0.00000988 after traders began selling their SHIB on a price peak and withdrawing profits from the table.

Shytoshi Kusama responds to criticism

In the official Telegram channel “Shibarium Tech,” Shytoshi Kusama responded to a critic. A Telegram user wrote that many people are still not convinced by SHIB.

To that Shytoshi, responded: “I’m not here to convince anyone, I’m here to change the world.”

Image via “Shibarium Tech”, Telegram

Shytoshi also released an approximate “program” of SHIB’s part in the Blockchain Futurist Conference, where he had given his speech via an AI bot.

He wrote in a Telegram message, “I’m talking then big reveal, then there’s a short movie, then more discussions. then a few more, tour of MV, quick announcement and reveal, then reveal, announcement, and a thank you enjoy the party.”

The party he talks about here is to be a beach party totally sponsored by SHIB, with games, food, drink and socializing that will provide a great opportunity for networking for the SHIB army.

In a tweet yesterday, he also promised a surprise today. Many in the SHIB army considered this a hint that Shibarium is going to be launched today.


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