Bitfarms To Deploy 50 MW Hydro-Cooled Mining In Paraguay

Bitfarms To Deploy 50 MW Hydro-Cooled Mining In Paraguay

A global leader in Bitcoin mining, Bitfarms, is blazing a trail in the industry as it begins construction of a state-of-the-art 50 MW farm in Paso Pe, Paraguay, adjacent to its Villarrica facility, with full operations expected by Q1 2024.

In a statement by Bitfarms, the mining giant said that this move will set the stage for a groundbreaking transformation as it embarks on the first phase of its 150 MW hydropower project in Paraguay.

The game-changing initiative involves adopting hydro-cooled mining technology, combining operational efficiency with cost-effectiveness. 

CEO Geoff Morphy notes, “Paraguay’s advantages in terms of cost and speed make it a strategic choice for us.”

The blueprint encompasses a 50 MW substation powering a 30 MW air-cooled warehouse and the integration of 20 MW hydro-cooled containers tailored for MicroBT M53S+ miners. 

Leveraging vendor credits, these investments promise not only immediate financial prudence but also robust long-term returns.

Ben Gagnon, Chief Mining Officer, envisions hydro-cooled technology potentially outperforming conventional immersion techniques in cost efficiency. 

Projections indicate that the 1,920 MicroBT M53S+ miners will yield an impressive 675 PH/s, coupled with remarkable energy efficiency.

Bitfarms’ procurement strategy showcases their innovation-driven approach, acquiring 8 MicroBT 2.4 MW Hydro Containers and 1,920 MicroBT M53S+ Hydro Miners through credits.

With 11 operational farms in four countries, and an eco-conscious approach relying on hydro-electric and sustainable energy sources, Bitfarms aligns operational excellence with long-term sustainability.

Bitfarms’ pioneering shift to hydro-cooled mining and strategic expansion signals a new era of efficiency and sustainability in the industry..

Bitfarms’ move toward hydro-cooled mining not only underscores their operational efficiency but also their willingness to explore uncharted waters. 

In an age of heightened environmental awareness, Bitfarms emerges as an exemplar of responsible technology deployment, setting a commendable precedent for the industry. 

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