CBS Studios To Use Star Trek Trademark For NFTs, DeLabs To return $3 million Grant From Polygon 

CBS Studios has applied for the “Star Trek Continuum” trademark for its NFT and crypto collectibles. The Star Trek moniker will be used in NFTs and cryptocurrency collectibles associated with CBS Studios’ Continuum television series, according to the application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Star Trek Continuum is the name of an NFT line that includes star ships from various adventures in the science fiction world and can be customized to the preferences of the users. 
USPTO records show that the federal agency registered the trademark on August 8 after receiving a request from CBS in April. This will allow it to use the trademark for its crypto assets on online platforms and marketplaces.

DeLabs To return $3 million Grant From Polygon 
DeLabs has promised to return a $3 million grant from Polygon Labs received for its NFT project y00ts. DeLabs had provided the grant to help move y00ts from Solana to Polygon.
The NFT startup now plans to transfer its blockchain networks to Ethereum.
The decision comes after it bridged most of its NFTs from Solana to Polygon. The transition began on March 28. Some 11,633 of the 15,000 y00ts NFTs were bridged by March 30.
On August 9, y00ts creator DeLabs revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that it would shortly switch to Ethereum to support its DeGods NFT line.
DeLabs said the action was taken to bring the y00ts and DeGods communities together. DeGods stated in December that it would leave Solana for Ethereum in early April.

Shibarium Ethereum L2 Blockchain Goes Live On Mainnet
Shibarium’s beta phase saw a total of 21 million wallets on the L2, driving the interest of users months before the launch. Shiba Inu launched the Shibarium mainnet, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, on August 16, after months of testing. 
Shibarium uses proof-of-participation (PoP) to select validators based on their cryptocurrency holdings. The L2 blockchain solution is designed to interact with the primary Ethereum layer-1, providing a more scalable and cost-effective transaction platform.
Despite losing over 80% of its valuation during the bear market, the Shiba Inu community built a decentralized ecosystem around the cryptocurrency, including a decentralized exchange, BONE token, metaverse, and Web3 game.–news-311421

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