Coinbase celebrates art, music and gaming with a three-week blockchain event

Presented by Coinbase, the Onchain Summer festival will bring the community together for three weeks in August to build, socialize, play and celebrate innovation.

The inclusive nature and global reach of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have given rise to a diverse community of individuals from various nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. The influence of crypto and blockchain expands beyond financial technologies, and the community reflects that by spanning across different sectors, including health care, gaming, retail, social and political domains.

For this vast network of enthusiasts, estimated to surpass 420 million people worldwide in 2023, touching base and socializing about common interests is crucial. This is why the crypto and blockchain ecosystem is never short of conferences, festivals and summits — events that play a pivotal role in fostering unity, collaboration and shared excitement within the crypto space.

The community will get a chance to celebrate art, culture, gaming, music and more at a multiweek event named Onchain Summer. Presented by Coinbase, Onchain Summer is an online event slated to take place from Aug. 9 to Aug. 31 and aimed at showcasing the next wave of on-chain utility.

Powered by Base, the layer-2 network incubated by Coinbase, Onchain Summer is bringing industry-leading brands, builders, artists and creators together with the global crypto and blockchain community.

Direct support for artists and creators

Onchain Summer will benefit from crypto and its underlying blockchain technology to build and distribute art, music, games and social experiences. Attendees will get a chance to participate in on-chain mints, where ownable content will be made available to mint daily.

Source: Coinbase

Source: Coinbase

By simply joining the celebration, crypto and blockchain enthusiasts will be able to support the contributing artists and musicians directly. Onchain Summer features renowned brands and organizations, including the next-gen social network Friends with Benefits, soft drink giant Coca-Cola, the sci-fi card game Parallel, and the art and culture platform Highlight.

Global access via blockchain

Users can attend Onchain Summer from anywhere worldwide by visiting in their browsers. While a compatible Ethereum wallet is required to enter Onchain Summer, the seamless integration between the Coinbase Wallet and the Base network makes it fast and easy for Coinbase users to join the Base network. To make any purchases during the event, including art, music or other content, users need to transfer Ether (ETH) to the Base network.

Base is a layer-2 network on the Ethereum blockchain that provides low-cost transaction fees. During the event, builders will have the chance to experience Base’s fast, efficient and inexpensive development environment by building, creating and growing on-chain.

The integration between Coinbase and the Base network will make it easy for visitors to join the three-week-long on-chain celebration, where they can play games, trade ideas, socialize with each other and collect their favorite creators’ content.

Events and festivals serve as powerful catalysts for uniting communities worldwide. With events like Onchain Summer, the global crypto and blockchain community can come together to embrace the limitless possibilities of on-chain art, music and gaming and discover new horizons for their passion.

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