‘Is this a Bitcoin ad?’ Joe Biden unknowingly touts BTC in coffee mug video

‘Is this a Bitcoin ad?’ Joe Biden unknowingly touts BTC in coffee mug video

United States President Joe Biden may have inadvertently become Bitcoin’s latest brand ambassador in a new “cringe” video advertising merchandise for his reelection campaign.

On Aug. 3, President Biden tweeted: “A cup of Joe never tasted better” along with a video of himself drinking coffee from a mug.

The Bitcoin and crypto community were quick to notice the design of the coffee mug, which features his face with glowing red “laser eyes” — a popular addition for Bitcoin enthusiasts when designing their profile pictures.

While the origins of the meme are hazy, the laser eyes phenomenon kicked off as part of a movement across social media to drive Bitcoin’s price to $100,000 by the end of 2021 — a goal that didn’t come to fruition. The most notable laser-eyed personalities once included NFL star Tom Brady, Paris Hilton and Elon Musk.

It’s typically used as a symbol for showcasing their bullish outlook for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more broadly.

Biden’s post has been littered with responses from the crypto community, both delighted and amused by the obvious oversight.

“Joe Biden is a Bitcoin maxi now. Laser eyes and everything. Haters in disbelief,” declared one user.

Other users piled on, saying that Biden had just provided the “biggest endorsement of Bitcoin history” while another suggested that Biden was trying to “win over Bitcoin maxis.”

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The Biden administration has been criticized by the community for its not-so-welcoming stance towards crypto which includes controversial tax proposals for digital asset miners and other “anti-crypto” political efforts. It is thus unlikely the coffee mug design was in reference to Bitcoin.

The coffee mug’s name is in reference to “Dark Brandon” — Biden’s meme-based online alter-ego. The Dark Brandon meme depicts Biden as darker and edgier — often used by his supporters to tout his policy victories.

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