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As Bitcoin makes a promising recovery, a rare indicator known as the Bollinger Bands Width (BBW) squeeze is flashing green for the leading cryptocurrency. This indicator, appearing only twice in Bitcoin’s history, has historically preceded significant price movements in the following weeks. This sets the stage for an exciting August, not just for Bitcoin but also for $ROE, the governance token of the innovative Borroe platform.

Borroe: Bringing Innovation To Web3 Fundraising

Borroe is a trailblazer in the Web3 space, offering an AI-powered funding marketplace that empowers businesses, creators, and Web3 market participants.

By enabling blockchain startups to sell future earnings from subscriptions, royalties, and invoices to supportive communities, Borroe aligns perfectly with Web3 principles, emphasizing equitable value sharing among creators and users.

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Led by Michael Price, a seasoned Business Executive, and Maxim Prishchepo, a blockchain expert with vast knowledge of various financial systems, Borroe boasts a formidable team of innovators.

The project is built on the Polygon (Ethereum sidechain) network, offering excellent scalability, security, and quick and cost-efficient fund transfers.

Buyers can filter invoices based on AI credit ratings, financial track records, industry, ESG metrics, etc. Privacy and anonymity features and an efficient approval process make Borroe an attractive platform for Web3 fundraising.

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Is Bitcoin ($BTC) Set for another ATH?

While Bitcoin’s recent decline may raise concerns, industry experts like Morpher CEO Martin Froehler and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone remain optimistic. Froehler points out macroeconomic headwinds will soon fade as the interest rate hike cycle nears.

As we enter into August, the crypto market looks promising. Based on the historical significance of the Bollinger Bands Width (BBW) squeeze indicator flashing green for Bitcoin on its two-week chart and its rare occurrence on the one-week chart, the pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst Moustache predicts a potentially significant move for $BTC in the coming weeks.

The signal has historically indicated notable price fluctuations, suggesting that Bitcoin’s price could experience a remarkable surge or correction.

When Bitcoin leads the way, altcoins often follow. The positive signal for Bitcoin has exciting implications for $ROE and other altcoins. Investors are bullish on $ROE, and experts are predicting substantial gains, with some anticipating over a 100x increase in value.

Bitcoin ($BTC) has experienced a price decline today, currently trading at $29,175.39 with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,671,787,419.97. This represents a notable -6.1% price decline over the last 30 days. However, a critical support level at $29,000 may act as a crucial barrier against further price drops.

If this support level holds, BTC could find stability and initiate a rebound. On the other hand, failure to maintain the $29,000 support could lead to further downside, with the $25,000 level being a likely next target.

The resistance level at $35,000 may present a significant challenge for BTC’s price to overcome. Breaking through this resistance could signal a bullish momentum and lead to higher price levels.

Considering the weekly timeframe, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) value stands at 53.17, indicating a neutral stance. This suggests that BTC’s price is not significantly overbought or oversold at the moment, providing room for both potential upward and downward movements.

Investors Buy Borroe Presale!

Borroe’s marketplace is designed for seamless functionality, offering instant funding and payouts with minimal transaction fees. The platform’s uniqueness lies in fractionalized NFTs representing receivables, opening doors for more market participants to engage in the funding process.

Investors have shown tremendous confidence in Borroe’s vision by stacking thousands of $ROE tokens via the ongoing presale. The Beta stage quickly sold out at $0.01 per token, and now, in Stage 1, $ROE tokens are available for $0.0125 each. There are exciting opportunities to get involved as Stage 2 to Stage 7 of the presale are on the horizon.


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