$XRP, $DOGE, and $LINK: Top 3 Altcoins to Buy in a Downturn?

$XRP, $DOGE, and $LINK: Top 3 Altcoins to Buy in a Downturn?

In a recent video, prominent crypto analyst Ben Armstrong (aka “BitBoy Crypto”) discussed a hypothetical scenario where Bitcoin takes a major dip, causing altcoins to bleed out. He identifies three altcoins that he would feel confident accumulating more of in such a situation.

Armstrong starts by mentioning XRP as a no-brainer choice for accumulation. He had previously predicted that XRP’s price would 2-3X and then come back down. While it did go up 2X, it lost half of its gains and is currently around 50 cents. He believes the lawsuit’s impact is mostly over and that XRP will perform exceptionally well in the next bull cycle. He suggests that if XRP were to go back to the 30-cent range, it would be an excellent opportunity to accumulate more.

The second coin Armstrong recommends is Chainlink. He describes Chainlink as a connector between blockchain and the real world, likening it to a layer two solution. Chainlink’s oracles pull off-chain data into the blockchain, making it a crucial player in the crypto space. Armstrong admits that Chainlink has slid down in his portfolio but emphasizes that it’s a coin he’s never given up on. He believes Chainlink is alone at the top of its niche and is one to watch.

Lastly, Armstrong talks about Dogecoin, stating that he believes Elon Musk is planning to integrate Dogecoin into what is being called the “everything app,” formerly known as Twitter. He thinks that Dogecoin will be included in the payment system within this app, making it a good pick for accumulation.

Armstrong wraps up the video by stating that these are the top three coins he would consider accumulating if the market experiences a significant downturn. He believes these coins have strong potential and are worth taking a closer look at.

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