7 Best Altcoins To Buy The Dip If Bitcoin Is Set To Crash With FTX Liquidating Assets

Major cryptocurrencies continue to trade sideways, with Bitcoin unable to break out of the $25K – $26.5K price range. Many analysts expect BTC to play out its “Rektember” scenario, with some predicting the largest cryptocurrency to crash to the $20,000 price level. 

Consumer Price Index (CPI) data revealed higher-than-expected inflation levels, which will likely bolster the Fed’s hawkish stance. There is now a higher likelihood of the central bank deciding on another interest rate hike in the FOMC meeting next week, which could lead to a strong correction in the market.

In breaking news today, FTX exchange has also received court approval to liquidate its $3.4bn in crypto assets, although more of its holdings are in Solana than Bitcoin.

Best Altcoins To Buy The Dip In September

While September may bring more pain to investors, the crypto market historically bounces back in October. Therefore, the bearish movement in certain altcoins could present excellent “buy the dip” opportunities and can lead to promising returns during the next bull run once FTX as a bad actor is out of the market.

In particular, high-quality presale projects are seeing strong interest from investors as they are not affected by the broader market outlook yet and can be judged on their merits. 

This article lists the 7 best altcoins to buy this month that are backed by experts to outperform the bearish crypto market. 

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

Wall Street Memes is set for its IEO on the 27th of September. $WSM has secured multiple Tier-1 exchange listings, which often leads to a significant rally in new meme coins. 

The timing of the token’s launch at the end of September could not get any better – the crypto market is expected to make a strong recovery in October and the fresh capital entering the market will likely give a major boost to meme coins like $WSM. 

The token has already demonstrated its resilience in challenging conditions, having raised over $25 million in its ICO despite the prevailing bear market. Even smart-money traders have jumped early on the $WSM bandwagon, with one whale investing over $1 million into it.

$WSM’s stellar start can largely be attributed to the global online popularity of the Wall Street Memes group, which farms over 40 million impressions monthly on social media and has a million-strong internet army. Even Elon Musk is a fan of its Twitter account. 


The token is looking to capitalise on this strong community backing and hit the $1 billion market cap after launch.  It is important to remember that even Pepe’s meteoric rise had nothing more to it than the enormous popularity of “Pepe The Frog” memes. 

As such, popular crypto traders like Michael Wrubel believe that the token could display a 10x bull rally after launch, which would make it one of the best altcoins to buy.

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Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC)

Bitcoin clones have surged in popularity in recent months as investors continue to grow frustrated with BTC’s lack of upside – indeed, tokens like Bitcoin Cash and BTC20 have generated superior returns when compared to BTC. 

Bitcoin BSC is another such project that is generating tremendous hype as it is offering investors a second chance to replicate BTC’s 2,590,000% all-time rally. As a result, the token is priced at just $0.99 in its presale, representing a time in early 2011 when Bitcoin was trading below the $1 mark and was the opportunity of a lifetime for those lucky enough to get in. 

$BTCBSC is built on the flexible BNB Smart Chain, making it the faster and cheaper version of Bitcoin. Moreover, unlike BTC, its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is extremely eco-friendly due to its energy efficiency. 

However, the project’s most attractive feature is its on-chain staking mechanism, which allows retail investors to generate attractive passive income, independent of the broader market outlook. The BTCBSC staking pool is currently offering an over 300% APY, with 775K tokens already staked. 

Bitcoin BSC has already hit the $1.5 million milestone in its ICO in just over a week, with its demand only continuing to rise. However, the presale has a hard cap of just $6.063 million, which means investors have a short window to purchase the token at a cheap price of $0.99. 

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Ethereum (ETH)

Despite its struggles in recent months, the largest altcoin Ethereum is brimming with potential and could be the driver of the next crypto bull run. 

Firstly, experts believe that it is only a matter of time before both the ETH futures and spot ETFs are approved by the SEC. Asset management firms ARK Invest and VanEck have already filed their applications after Grascale’s landmark victory against the SEC. 

Analyst Lark Davis, who has over 1 million followers on Twitter, predicts that Ethereum ETFs will provide an “outsized price impact” and will lead to an inflow of “a few billion dollars” from TradFi institutions. 

Furthermore, ETH received a major boost after Judge Katherine Fallia of the SDNY district court, who is also presiding over the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase, called the second-largest crypto asset a commodity

With Bitcoin expected to plunge in September, the ETH-BTC pair could see a breakout, leading to a strong appreciation in the coming weeks. 

Ether is currently trading near the $1,600 price mark and has the potential to breach the 200-week Exponential Moving Average at $1618, which could lead to a continuation in the short term.  Analyst @CryptoTony__ also believes that ETH could soon flip the resistance at $1620 into support, resulting in another bullish wave. 

Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)

$LPX is another high-utility token that experts are extremely bullish on, considering it fuels the new all-in-one Web3 ecosystem – Launchpad XYZ. Launchpad offers a wide array of products that can help its users navigate the complexities of the crypto market, making it the perfect platform for both experienced and new traders. 

For example, it can be extremely difficult to spot the next 10x money-making opportunity, especially in the midst of a bear market. However, the Launchpad Quotient feature allots a score of confidence to a large number of crypto assets and NFTs, making sure that investors do not miss out on true gems like Pepe or Floki. 

Furthermore, the platform helps newbies get up to speed on all the tricks of the trade and offers quality educational courses, blogs and newsletters. They can also take advantage of the TradingEdge tool to get to know the trade set-up of various experts. 

In fact, Launchpad XYZ has made its alpha calls group on Telegram free for all for the duration of its presale. The group has already made several successful calls – its Elon 2.0 tip led to 29x gains. 

However, the platform is much more than just an excellent trading ecosystem – it is a one-stop shop for all things Web3 and offers its own premium NFT marketplace, AI LLM chatbot, a play-to-earn gaming hub, fractionalized assets, etc. 

Thanks to its real-world utility, $LPX has already raised close to $1.7 million in its ICO, with traders like Cilinix Crypto predicting a 10x surge after launch. 

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Liquidity management platform LINQ has emerged as one of the hottest crypto startups in recent weeks. The LINQ protocol is revolutionising how liquidity is shared amongst token holders in a decentralised manner. 

The company is already partnering with various dApps like Audinals, serving as a decentralised liquidity locker and enabling effective LP rewards distribution. 

Its native $LINQ token has also risen to prominence amongst smart-money investors, thanks to its attractive staking mechanism that can help offset the bear market. Popular trader @CryptoGodJohn, who has close to 500K followers on Twitter, has labelled it the best altcoin to buy in the crypto market. 

On another occasion, he called $LINQ “the most bullish altcoin”, predicting that it will soon bounce from its current $0.17 price mark to $0.30. 

VeChain ($VET)

VeChain is undoubtedly one of the biggest winners in the crypto market, with $VET surging close to 7% in the past week despite the bearish macro trend. The token exploded after Coinbase announced that it is finally listing both $VET and $VTHO tokens on its platform, making them available to over 100 million users globally. 

With a 50% bounce in its 24-hour trading volume, the token is now trading at $0.016 with a market capitalization of over $1.1 billion. 

Following the massive Coinbase announcement, trader @VeThorVendetta believes that VET could break out of its 2.5-year-long falling wedge and can push towards the $2 price level during the next bull run

The VeChain team is also impressing potential investors and crypto enthusiasts with its groundbreaking blockchain tech. Today, at the Token2049 event in Singapore, the company showcased its blockchain biospheres, the VORJ Web3-as-a-Service platform and its self-custody crypto wallet. 

It also continues to gain enormous popularity from its partnership with UFC, the multi-billion dollar mixed martial arts company. 

yPredict ($YPRED)

AI-powered crypto projects are in high demand in the market, with yPredict quickly gaining recognition as a top contender in the space. This all-in-one AI platform provides valuable market insights to its users to help them make data-driven decisions. 

For example, investors can have a constant finger on the pulse of the market through the yPredict Analytics platform, which offers cutting-edge features like automated chart pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and transaction data analysis. 

Traders can also purchase accurate predictive data models, developed by AI experts and quants, and use them as signals to make informed real-time decisions. Pro traders have access to the Terminal engine, which can execute all their trades at a blazing-fast speed. 

As expected, the platform’s popularity is surging due to the current dynamics of the crypto market – its native $YPRED token is already nearing the $4 million mark in the ICO, with two presale stages still remaining. 

Analysts like Crypto Boy believe that the token has 100x potential and is one of the best altcoins to buy with its wide utility and perks for traders. For instance, all token holders will have lifetime access to the Market Predictions platform, which consists of accurate price predictions for thousands of crypto assets and securities. 

Investors can also stake their tokens and earn a higher-than-standard 45% quarterly staking reward, along with attractive discounts on various yPredict services. 

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