AI-centric Shiba Memu shines ahead of “Uptober”: Is it a buy?

2023-09-23 08:11:52 ET

With a week to go for September, Bitcoin is up 2.49%. If prices remain ranged without a major dip, the cryptocurrency will likely end September higher and mark only the third time the flagship digital asset and by extension the market, has recorded a green candle during the month in the past 10 years.

Optimism is likely to increase and for investors, a few new projects could offer an opportunity to make an early entry.

Shiba Memu

, currently in presale, could be one such crypto gem.

Uptober ‘historically’ good for crypto

In all the months “rektember” lived up to its billing with a negative return, the next 30 days saw a decent rally. That happened in the six years to 2022, with the exception being in 2018 when prices fell 5.58% in September and 3.83% in October.

October, historically positive and dubbed “Uptober” across the crypto market, has seen higher monthly returns on all but two occasions – October 2014 and 2018. Last year, as Coinglass data


, prices fell 3.12% in September before rising 5.56% the next month.

Bitcoin monthly chart showing price performance in September. Source:


While historical performance does not indicate future results, analysts have pencilled in potential catalysts that could see the crypto market flip higher. These include continued mainstream adoption across Wall Street and the potentially explosive news of a first spot ETF for the US market.

Shiba Memu: a unique AI-centric approach to meme coins

Granted, Shiba Memu is a meme coin project. However, unlike its competitors, Shiba Memu has integrated blockchain technology and

artificial intelligence

to create a unique project.

Rather than rely on legacy human-driven strategies to gain traction, this AI genius will deploy natural language processing, predictive analytics and video/image recognition to create a novel AI dashboard. This allows Shiba Memu to unleash its power via targeted press releases, social media campaigns and direct user engagement across the internet. The robotastic dashboard will also take feedback and reward SHMU holders for the suggestions.

A self-sufficient marketing machine could see a 24/7 growth trajectory for the project, with adoption benefiting token holders amid new demand. Native token SHMU’s presale has so far raised over $3.1 million.

Visit Shiba Memu’s


for more on how the project works.

What’s Shiba Memu’s price today?

The project’s earliest investors have seen the price of SHMU rise every 24 hours from $0.011125 to an initial final stage of $0.0244 in 60 days. However, with demand high and investors keen to take early positions via the presale, the team extended the presale, with prices jumping to $0.029125 today.

With daily price hikes locked in, SHMU’s presale price will rise to $0.0370. It means buying at current levels could see investors lock in 100% gains by the time the tokens hit crypto exchanges. Other than that, buying now could work very well for investors eyeing a long-term investment opportunity – the hodler.

Is this a good time to buy SHMU?

Although short term gains similar to what was experienced with the likes of Pepe (PEPE) earlier this year are likely, it’s the long term bet on Shiba Memu’s AI technology that could be big for SHMU holders. The roadmap outlines what could be a bumper 2024: the launch of the AI marketing dashboard, expansion and partnerships and SHMU token going live on major crypto exchanges.

These developments could tie in perfectly with the expected bull market of 2024, catalysed by full-fledged crypto adoption amid Bitcoin’s halving.

For Shiba Memu, a strong entry into the market amid further traction for artificial intelligence could be additional triggers for fresh presale momentum. This is because the SHMU token sale is scheduled to run to the end of October – with price likely to increase when tokens hit the market.

If interested in Shiba Memu,

join the presale here


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AI-centric Shiba Memu shines ahead of “Uptober”: Is it a buy?

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