Memeinator outlook as meme coin market hits new highs

2023-09-16 16:17:41 ET

Close your eyes and go back to April of 2023 for a moment – all hell seems to be breaking loose on the crypto space and its investors are scrambling to protect their hard-earned money.

But there’s one group amongst them with the biggest smile on their face. Deep down, you know it’s the flock that invested in


– a meme coin that has defied the broader trend and rallied more than 250%.

Now open you eyes and step back into the reality that you missed on that opportunity!

But let’s not rub it in your face and focus instead on the good news that the meme market has just welcomed a new member to the family with potential for huge upside in the coming months.

It’s called the


. Yes, you got that right – pretty much like a Terminator only cooler with potential for you to make money.

A brief introduction to Memeinator

Meme coins can sure be lucrative investments but they are prone to more scams as well – a nuisance that Memeinator wants to fix for good.

The project taps on blockchain and artificial intelligence to scrutinize the internet and look for a host of weak coins that it can devour in its cruise to dominating the meme coins space.

And there’s your first keyword that warrants an investment: AI.


forecasts the artificial intelligence market to grow some ten times by the end of this decade – and that explosive growth will likely not benefit the giants like Microsoft and Nvidia only. Entrants like Memeinator could capitalise on it just as much.

Memeinator is scheduled to launch its pre-sale on September 27


. For more details, visit the website



Memeinator (MMTR) pre-sale is right around the corner

Memeinator or “MMTR” is expected to go for $0.01 at the start of pre-sale and $0.0485 at the end of it. That translates to a jaw dropping 132% return on investment right off the bat.

Once the pre-sale is done, the team behind MMTR plans on listing it on the notable crypto exchanges which has historically served for many coins as a meaningful catalyst for further price appreciation.

All in all, it’s entirely a matter of demand. The more of it there is, better is the probability of continued upside. To that end, it’s worth mentioning here that Memeinator has already attracted thousands of sign up – or in other words – the demand picture looks rather full of colours already and the project has plans of aggressive marketing and branding to further broaden its audience as well.

Note that the MMTR sits right at the heart of the meme coin market which was worth nothing in 2020, $20 billion in 2022, and $36 billion as of last month. That’s the kind of rapid growth that Memeinator is positioned to benefit from.

Visit the


for more information on the project that aims at destroying the weaker meme coins and ultimately hit a market cap of $1.0 billion.

Is MMTR related somehow to Bitcoin?

Meme or not, MMTR is a cryptocurrency at its core which means it may benefit if the bellwether – Bitcoin rallied in the coming months.

That potential correlation makes it all the more interesting considering there’s a bunch of tailwinds that may soon unlock the next leg up in BTC. Earlier this week, crypto analyst

Trader Tardigrade

said the world’s largest cryptocurrency is headed for $46,000 next – up a whopping 80% from here.

Despite continued tantrums of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, many expect the regulator to eventually greenlight a Spot Bitcoin ETF. Even

Jay Clayton

– its own former chair recently agreed in an interview that an approval was inevitable.

That’s significant because an exchange-traded fund will likely drive institutional capital into the Bitcoin which may exert pressure on its price to the upside. And then lastly, there’s the Federal Reserve that’s right at the cusp of announcing that it’s done with raising rates – an event that will hopefully boost interest in the riskier assets like cryptocurrencies at large and perhaps Memeinator in particular.

Click here

if you wish to dive deeper into Memeinator (MMTR).

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Memeinator outlook as meme coin market hits new highs

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