Ripple Takes Back 800M XRP After This Month’s Unlock; Fast-Rising AI Crypto Presale On Verge of $3M

Ripple (XRP) recently completed its scheduled token unlock for September, which saw one billion XRP being released from its escrow system. However, 800 million of the tokens, valued at about $400 million, were taken back and relocked into two different escrows. Meanwhile, InQubeta ($QUBE), a rapidly ascending AI-driven crypto, is on the cusp of achieving an impressive presale feat: $3 million.

This article will delve into the implications of Ripple’s strategic move and the promising trajectory of InQubeta. It will also explore the growing demand for $QUBE and why it is one of the best altcoins to buy today.

InQubeta ($QUBE): A Fast-Rising AI-Inspired Crypto

$QUBE is the cryptocurrency ICO (initial coin offering) making waves in the crypto scene. Its ongoing bullish presale, currently at stage 4, has earned it the status of a top ICO. Notably, it is on the verge of achieving an impressive milestone of $3 million, with over $2.9 million raised so far. This impressive figure can be attributed to its strong and dedicated community and the confidence in its unique offerings.

As a project that aims to champion a new movement in the crypto landscape, InQubeta aims to introduce a novel idea on the blockchain. The upcoming blockchain-based crowdfunding platform will be the world’s first to use cryptocurrency to fund AI startups. This will be accomplished through its vibrant ecosystem, which will include a custom-built NFT marketplace, the QUBE token, and the introduction of NFT and fractional investment models.

Within the NFT marketplace, investment opportunities will be minted by AI startups, which will be tokenized as equity-based NFTs. These non-fungible tokens will be backed by real-world AI companies, and by owning them, investors will own stakes in the company. Additionally, by introducing a fractional investment model, all NFTs will be fragmented into bits, thereby allowing complete democratization of access to the AI market.

Notably, the utility token, $QUBE, will be used for all purchases and transactions within the ecosystem, which grants it tangible utility. As a result, it is one of the best cryptos to invest in based on real-world applications.

With the presale ongoing and one of the top ICOs in the market, it represents a promising investment. Moreover, analysts have made a bullish prediction about it, saying it is poised to soar by 30x before the end of the year from its current price of $0.0133.

Ripple (XRP): 80% of Unlocked Tokens Re-Locked

Ripple is a blockchain-based payment protocol with $XRP as its native currency. Following September’s scheduled token release of 1 billion $XRP from Ripple’s escrow, 80% of the tokens have been taken back and re-locked. The significance of this event is two-fold, which concerns the 200 million $XRP now in circulation and the 800 million tokens locked away.

The millions of tokens now in circulation account for about 0.37% of the circulating supply and coincide with a decline in the token’s price. However, by reclaiming the majority of the unlocked token, it can lead to increased scarcity. This has the potential to affect market dynamics and result in a positive market impact. This also highlights Ripple’s long-term approach to managing its token supply. As a result, $XRP is a top crypto to buy for its long-term viability.


Ripple taking back 800 million XRP tokens after September’s unlock underscores its long-term approach to managing token supply. On the other hand, InQubeta, the fast-rising AI crypto, is making incredible strides in the crypto market and is close to achieving a remarkable milestone of $3 million. This highlights its soaring popularity in the crypto landscape and imminent adoption, making $QUBE one of the altcoins to watch in the coming months. To participate in this innovative token presale, simply follow the link below.

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