Shiba Memu (SHMU) outlook as strategist dubs AI-driven rally ‘justified’

2023-09-09 15:57:03 ET

Artificial intelligence has delivered unprecedented rallies in shares of key players like


this year – but a Goldman Sachs strategist is convinced that fears of a bubble are overblown.

Why is artificial intelligence not a bubble?

Peter Oppenheimer expects AI to boost yearly global gross domestic product by a whopping $7.0 trillion over the next ten years. The strategist told clients in his recent

research note

that the year-to-date artificial intelligence-driven rally is built on strong fundamentals and, therefore, is “justified”.

Current valuations in tech are not as stretched as in previous bubble periods. We believe we are still in early stages of a new tech cycle that is likely to lead to further outperformance.

Early winners like Microsoft and Nvidia have fortress of a balance sheet and lucrative returns on investment, he reiterated.

But it’s not necessary that they’ll be the only ones to benefit from a continued interest in AI. Moving forward, recently launched platforms with big potential like Shiba Memu stand just as much a chance of capitalising on an artificial intelligence triggered rally as any.

Shiba Memu is an AI solution

Shiba Memu

is a marketing powerhouse – as per the

White Paper

on its website – but with a unique spin.

It taps on artificial intelligence to evolve into a platform just as influential as one-hundred marketing agencies put together. Creating content for itself, promoting that content on the internet – these are tasks that Shiba Memu executes with AI.

More importantly, its use of artificial intelligence is not restricted to self-promotion only. Shiba Memu does claim ability to adapt to several other applications as well.

Note that this AI solution is powered by its own meme coin that it calls the “SHMU”.

Buying the native Shiba Memu coin may be means of capitalising on the rapid growth in meme coins market that inflated from trash to $20 billion over the past two to three years. Click here to know more about the “SHMU”.

SHMU pre-sale is on fire

Shiba Memu has raised $2.6 million selling its native coin in less than three months which indicates strong demand.

Interest in the SHMU is expected to climb further once the platform moves ahead with its planned launch of an AI dashboard later this year – and greater demand will likely result in price appreciation.

But even until then, the meme coin is much more exciting than its peers as its price increases every day in the ongoing pre-sale. At writing, the Shiba Memu token is worth $0.026 but will be worth more than that after 22 hours, as per the website.

Shiba Memu management does plan on listing it on the notable crypto exchanges as well after the current pre-sale – an event that usually catalyzes a further increase in price. You can explore ways to buy SHMU in pre-sale on

this page


Shiba Memu (SHMU) may benefit from a Bitcoin ETF

Lastly, it’s important to reiterate that Shiba Memu is a crypto at its core. So, the many near-term tailwinds that are expected to unlock the next bull run in cryptocurrencies may end up benefitting SHMU as well.

For example, a U.S. court recently told the Securities & Exchange Commission that it lacks a strong enough reason to not let


convert its bitcoin trust into an exchange-traded fund – a ruling that several experts believe is a massive step towards winning approval for a Bitcoin ETF.

Why is it important? Because a Bitcoin ETF is expected to drive institutional capital into the world’s largest cryptocurrency which will inevitably rally in response. Being a bellwether, whatever direction the BTC takes, the rest of the crypto ecosystem that includes Shiba Memu typically feels obliged to follow.

Simply put, the SHMU token may be a good investment considering it has three different winds at its tail: one driven from artificial intelligence, one from the meme coins market, and another from the crypto space at large.

Want to know more about Shiba Memu? Feel free to visit the website



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Shiba Memu (SHMU) outlook as strategist dubs AI-driven rally ‘justified’

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