The most searched terms on Google: NFT, blockchain and mining

A recent new study reported by Marketplace Fairness revealed the most searched crypto related terms on Google nationwide and in every state. 

We see that questions related to NFT, blockchain, mining and gaming emerge on Google among them. 

Below are all the details. 

NFT, blockchain and mining: all the questions submitted to the well-known search engine Google 

Terms associated with cryptocurrencies have seen a significant increase in their search, with obvious resonance nationwide. The term “NFT,” for instance, proved to be the most searched in all but four states.

In contrast, the word “Blockchain” was found to be the second most common query nationwide, with a consistent presence among the top five searches in all states, with only four exceptions.

Again, crypto mining ranked third among the most popular topics of interest, with related queries ranking among the top five searches in every state.

As anticipated, a new recent study revealed which cryptocurrency-related topics were most searched on Google, both nationally and in each of the states.

Specifically, the research conducted by Marketplace Fairness analyzed search volumes for more than 250 of the most frequently asked questions regarding cryptocurrencies on Google, with the goal of identifying which topics are currently capturing the country’s interest.

The most common searches involved simple questions such as “What is cryptocurrency?” which recorded a significant monthly search volume, with an average of 39,466 queries

Although general questions about the definition of cryptocurrency were not included in the main analysis, the study still highlighted a brief basic explanation of it.

In addition to the basic definition of cryptocurrencies, the following list includes the most frequently searched terms across the nation.

The most frequently asked questions about NFTs and Blockchain

The dominant topic in the country has been NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). While not identical to cryptocurrencies, their relationship is close. 

NFTs are in fact cryptographic assets recorded on the blockchain, the same technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

The key difference lies in the non-fungibility of NFTs, which implies that each is unique and cannot be traded one-for-one, unlike cryptocurrencies.

The question “What is an NFT?” marked the highest monthly search volume among all questions, reaching 39,459 searches, which represents a 2.575% increase over the average of the nearly 300 questions analyzed. 

“What does NFT mean?” also showed considerable interest with a monthly average of 13,516 searches, an 816% increase over the average.

Blockchain technology also took center stage as the second highest topic of interest. In short, it represents a distributed, immutable digital ledger that records transactions through a computer network, providing transparency, security and trust in data integrity.

The question “What is blockchain?” was searched at an average of 26,283 times nationwide, an increase of 1,681% compared to the average number of searches for the analyzed questions. 

In addition, “What is blockchain technology?” got a monthly average of 5,285 searches, while “How does blockchain work?” was searched 1,419 times.

What else did users search for regarding crypto  

Remarkably, the question about the actual function of cryptocurrencies takes only the third place in terms of search interest. 

Cryptocurrencies operate through the use of cryptographic techniques (communication by codes) within a blockchain, which regulates their creation and protects the entire process.

The query “How does cryptocurrency work?” was searched an average of 4,683 times per month, registering a 217% increase over the average search query. The similar phrase, “How does cryptocurrency work,” achieved an average monthly search volume of 1,173.

In any case, the least understood concept in the cryptocurrency world involves mining, in which specialized computers solve complex mathematical problems, verifying and recording transactions on the blockchain. 

As a reward, miners receive new cryptocurrency tokens. The question “What is cryptocurrency mining?” was one of the most frequent searches across all states and averaged 6,725 searches nationwide per month, a 356% increase over the average search. 

At the same time, “How to mine cryptocurrency” was searched monthly at a rate of 1,866 searches. 

DeFi (Decentralized Finance), on the other hand, attracted attention as the fifth most popular search topic. 

As we know, it refers to a set of blockchain-based financial applications and services that operate without traditional intermediaries such as banks, allowing users to lend, borrow and trade directly within a decentralized ecosystem.

The question “What is DeFi?” recorded an average monthly search volume of 2,850, showing a 93% increase over the average of the analyzed questions.

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