Two Meme Coins Predicted to Ignite the Crypto Bull Run this Month

No niche within the crypto market can beat meme coins when it comes to their explosive potential. Despite having no planned utility or purpose, we have seen them taking over the market, time and again in the past.

September is setting the stage for another meme coin mania. 

After the disappointing crash of August, the market needs strong action to wake up from its slumber. Two much-awaited meme coins are going live this month, ready to fuel the market. Make sure you bag them early to book the returns at low prices. 

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is one of the most-awaited meme coins of this year. The ongoing presale has been received with astonishing warmth, pleasantly surprising the crypto market amid the broader ups and downs. 

WSM has set itself apart with a notably large presale cap, a departure from typical projects that set out for targets ranging from $50,000 to $2 million. They want to avoid the risk of falling short. Seems like WSM knew what it was doing as it not only aimed for a substantial hard cap, but also achieved it ahead of schedule. It goes on to become a testament to its strong appeal among retail investors.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to industry analysts, either, who predicted the explosive potential of WSM. Their analysis and projections were grounded in the meme coin’s association with the Wall Street Memes community, which has a global following of more than 1 million enthusiasts.

We can explain the success of the presale as the Wall Street Memes community’s. Its longevity and robustness are a fresh breath of air in a market where most cryptocurrency communities emerge as fleeting sensations overnight. On the contrary, the Wall Street Memes community has been steadily growing since October 2019. 

The project is bound together by a shared love for memes that candidly critique the double standards of governments, legislators, and gullible investors. The feature gives Wall Street Memes an unparalleled advantage in the market and establishes it as a prominent and resilient contender. 

A viral meme coin with high potential

The Wall Street Memes community is made of investors, traders, and business leaders, many of whom have experience in the meme coin market. It implies that the success of the WSM meme coin can’t be solely attributed to the virality of its meme community. It has also got to do with the nature of the community itself. 

The viral impact of the community is further evident from the fact that global celebrities like Elon Musk have interacted with its posts. Elon Musk may not be directly involved with the meme coin, but his interactions are fuelling the FOMO  around the project. His influence and reach in the meme coin community are unmatched. 

Presale success is just a glimpse of what’s coming

With the broader market getting on track and a bull cycle on the horizon, the token launch of Wall Street Memes is expected to be an even bigger phenomenon than the presale.

FOMO played a pivotal role in propelling the WSM presale to heights, leading up to the achievement of the $25 million milestone ahead of schedule. But the project has made the decision to extend the presale till the exchange listing at a fixed price of $0.0337 to meet the growing demand from the community. 

Clearly, the FOMO is even more substantial than the market expected. 

The initial token listing of Wall Street Memes is scheduled for September.

With the token listing date approaching, the FOMO effect will intensify. In fact, top crypto analysts and publications predict it to be the next major meme coin with the potential to outperform Pepe. 

The wide reception is likely to translate into a significant price surge in the first week, potentially ranging from 10X-12X. 

To mitigate the initial selling pressure, WSM has launched a robust community reward program. It reserves a substantial 30% of the token supply for community rewards. A strong and engaged community of stakers will support and stabilize the token’s value during its early trading days on exchanges.

When will the second wave of bull run begin?

Possibly with a Binance listing in less than a month of WSM’s launch. 

Historically, news of a Binance listing is known for igniting strong bullish trends, leading to explosive price escalations as we saw in the case of Pepe. If that’s the case with WSM too, it will dethrone Pepe with a 7000%-10000% surge next quarter. 


2. Sonik Coin (Sonik)

Sonik Coin is next on our list of the best meme coins to buy in September. 

If you’re familiar with the project, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. To begin with, it is themed around Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic animated character. The project presents an excellent investment opportunity for early investors due to its low initial market cap. 

Now in its presale phase with a relatively modest target of approximately $2 million, Sonik Coin will go live in September on leading crypto exchanges. If the presale momentum is any sign, it is positioned to ride the meme coin wave. The coin provides a significant upside potential for investors who participate in the presale due to the low cost and hard cap.

The meme coin theme has rarely been explored

Sonik Coin is designed taking inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog, which is a favorite among kids and adults even today. This theme has explosive potential particularly well in Asian countries, which are known for their substantial demographic of meme coin investors. After the launch of Sonik, we can expect the emergence of Sonik knock-offs, which will further go on to establish the original’s supremacy. 

But Sonik Coin’s appeal needs more exploration. It is not solely reliant on its theme. Another unique aspect of the project is the accompanying stake-to-earn utility. It mitigates initial selling pressure and substantiates its long-term viability. 

If you hold Sonik Coins, you can use the opportunity to deposit them into the Sonik staking smart contract in exchange for earning rewards over a span of four years. It acts as an excellent hedge against market volatility, yes. But more importantly, it ensures a consistent stream of passive income for you in the long term. 

Fastest meme coin to secure a $100 million market capitalization?

That’s the goal that drives Sonik. It is aiming to become the fastest cryptocurrency to secure a $100 million market cap. The integration of the stake-to-earn feature is an internal step in achieving this goal by reducing the circulating supply. 

To give you a better perspective, a substantially large 40% of Sonik’s total supply is allocated for community staking rewards.

As is evident, Sonik Coin aims to distinguish itself from fleeting meme coin sensations by demonstrating long-term sustainability. The analysis of the website, white paper, and roadmap indicates that it has the capability to attain a large market cap of around $500 million and make its presence felt in the coming years.

The low initial market cap due to the modest presale target offers early investors of Sonik Coin ample room for substantial returns. 


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