Bitcoin scam under investigation by Lyon County deputies

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office patch.

Lyon County deputies say they are investigating a scam involving Bitcoin.

Deputy Eric Williams says the scam has been underway for the past few months. Scammers start by remotely accessing a computer, bringing up a warning screen saying the computer was compromised and then asking the potential victim to call a number on the screen. If the potential victim calls, the scammer claims to represent a bank or computer company before saying the potential victim’s bank account is compromised and that person needs to move money to a safe place — telling the victim to withdraw money from the bank and shift it to a Bitcoin ATM at an account mentioned by the scammer.

However, should the money get transferred, it’s hard to be tracked.

Williams says people should not give out bank information or Social Security number over the phone, even if somebody claims to represent a bank or other financial institution. If you have questions, hang up and call Lyon County Emergency Communications at 620-343-4225 to talk with a deputy. If you have questions about your bank account, Williams says you should go to your bank to speak with somebody in person.

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