Crypto-mining causes concerns for residents of Arkansas County

On Friday, petitions were handed over to the Governor’s office to try and stop crypto-mining in Arkansas County.

ARKANSAS COUNTY, Ark. — People in Arkansas County took their concerns about a proposed crypto mine to the State Capitol on Friday afternoon.

It’s just the latest in a recent string of communities that have been working to keep the growing tech trend out, and locals have been taking action to make their voices heard.

One of the people spearheading the movement to stop crypto-mining in Arkansas County handed over two petitions to the Governor’s office. 

His goal is for the governor to call for a special session to repeal Act 851. 

“We want the whole state to start getting petitions for this and bring it up here. And then that would help get the legislators a chance to meet and reveal or at least change the law,” Arkansas Rice Growers Association Chairman, Kenneth Graves said.

Hopes to see a change soon to stop a crypto mine from coming to Arkansas County. 

The petitions have nearly 2,000 signatures. 

“It is just not a good situation. There’s no economic value to the community. No jobs, noise, environmental issues, water issues. It’s just not a good thing,” he explained.

His biggest concern is the noise. 

“We are trying to reach out, think outside the box. What can we do to stop this?” he added.

Though, not everyone is against it.

Tom Harford with the Arkansas Blockchain Council said crypto mines could positively impact some areas. 

“For some communities, it’s a very good fit, depending on, you know, their grid and what they have set up. And what they think they can benefit from economically in terms of the sales tax, which is, you know, quite abundant, because of the energy uses of a crypto mine,” Harford said.

However, he realizes it may not be the best choice for everyone. 

When it comes to sound concerns, he said there are ways to alleviate them, like building sound walls, but he really supports sound ordinances. 

“Then it mandates that any crypto mining companies operating have to follow guidelines that are reasonable and across industry standards and in terms of the noise they would produce,” he said.

Graves hopes to get even more petitions and see a change sooner rather than later. 

Representative Jeremiah Moore is on board with repealing Act 851 which limits local government action on crypto-mining. 

 Moore has a bill written up to start that process.

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