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© Reuters Robert Kiyosaki Names Profitable Asset That May Spike Soon, BTC Weekly Chart Signals Possible Breakout to $40,000, SHIB Lead Teases ‘Secret’ AI Initiatives: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author names profitable asset that may spike soon

To the big surprise of Robert Kiyosaki’s followers, , the renowned investor and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author mentioned something other than his beloved , silver and gold. Instead, he wrote about that he is considering purchasing. In his X post, Kiyosaki mentioned that Apple CEO Tim Cook sold his share of Apple stock after Keybank downgraded the company’s rating. The author added that he does not own any Apple shares (NASDAQ:), but he may buy some if they drop below $150 per unit. He wrote: “I do not own any Apple. May be time to buy Apple if Apple shares drop below $150.” However, AAPL is currently trading at $175 per share on the NASDAQ.

Bitcoin (BTC) weekly chart pattern signals possible breakout to $40,000

As spotted by a crypto analyst with 1.3 million followers on the X platform, is forming an interesting pattern on its weekly chart. The pattern is called a bull flag, which might trigger the flagship currency to spike to $40,000 if validated. On the weekly chart shared by the analyst, one can see a price target of $40,074. This shows that there is still support on the market, even though the unwinding of some large long positions and traders entering short positions is causing the price to move downward. As the consolidation progresses, the price may break out of the upper range level and/or reach a new high after the bulls regain control to start another rally.

lead Shytoshi Kusama teases “secret” AI initiatives

In a recent Telegram post, Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama at upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) projects in collaboration with the Bad Idea AI team. Kusama thanked key members of Bad Idea AI and offered improvements to “secret and not so secret AI initiatives for Shib.” No specific details about these projects have been unveiled yet, which left the SHIB community to speculate about their exact nature. Bad Idea AI’s native BAD token has already been listed on some major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Poloniex. Per CoinGecko data, BAD is currently trading at $0.000000066670, up 19.4% over the past 24 hours.

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