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Latest News, Linqto, the pre IPO investment platform, has once again opened its doors to crypto enthusiasts to invest in Ripple (XRP) pre-IPO shares, offering a unique opportunity to participate in the company’s journey before it goes public. 

This article explores the specifics of this investment opportunity and considerations for potential investors.

The Crypto news of Ripple(XRP) pre IPO shares available on Linqto

The cryptocurrency community is abuzz with the news that pre-IPO investment platform Linqto has reopened its doors to potential investors, offering them a unique opportunity to purchase Ripple pre-IPO shares before the company goes public. 

The move has attracted considerable attention from XRP enthusiasts and the crypto community at large. In this article, we look at the details of this investment opportunity, the steps required and what potential investors should consider.

Details of the investment

The latest statement from Linqto reads: 

“Ripple shares are now available on Linqto! We remain committed to democratising access to private market investments for all investors”.

This initiative was launched in September to allow non-accredited investors in the crypto community to participate in Ripple shares. The response was overwhelming and the shares sold out quickly. This new offering is a testament to the continued enthusiasm for investing in Ripple shares.

To begin this investment journey, interested parties must follow a series of steps. First, they must create an account on the Linqto platform and verify it with a government-issued ID. 

Once the account is verified, the investment page becomes accessible. As with the previous round, investors will need to set aside a minimum of $2,500 to purchase pre-IPO Ripple shares. 

The current share price is $60.08 per share, a significant increase of 71.4 per cent from $35 on 1 June. In addition, Linqto is offering a discount to those who pledge at least $10,000, allowing them to purchase Ripple shares at a discounted price of $57.21 per share.

Linqto’s funding methods

Linqto offers two main funding methods for investor accounts. The most efficient method is debit card funding through the Uphold exchange, as highlighted above. 

This method provides fast access to funds. The alternative option is a bank transfer, which can take up to three business days to be registered in the investor’s account.

Who can invest?

A pertinent question that arises is the eligibility of investors, particularly in terms of their geographical location. 

Although Linqto has not explicitly clarified whether this investment opportunity is exclusively available to investors based in the United States, the terms and conditions indicate that individuals outside the United States should conduct their own legal research to ensure compliance with the regulations of their jurisdiction.

Linqto expressly states that it cannot confirm the availability of this investment opportunity in any jurisdiction other than the United States. 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of potential investors to determine the legality of participating in Linqto’s investment opportunity in their respective jurisdictions.

Linqto’s cautious approach to this issue is dictated by a desire to manage potential legal complexities. 

The terms and conditions emphasise that individuals accessing the application from other locations do so on their own initiative and must comply with applicable local laws. In addition, they must not use or export the materials in violation of US laws and regulations.


The reopening of the Linqto investment opportunity for pre-IPO Ripple shares offers an exciting prospect for supporters of XRP and the wider cryptocurrency community. This article has provided an in-depth exploration of the stages of acquiring these shares, the pricing structure and considerations for potential investors. 

For those outside of the United States, it is important to conduct thorough legal research to ensure compliance with local regulations before participating in this opportunity.

As Ripple’s journey to listing continues, interest from the cryptocurrency community remains strong and Linqto’s platform serves as a gateway for initial investment in this promising venture.

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