Argentina’s New Pro-Bitcoin President Could Cause Surge in Altcoins Like BTCS and SOL

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Argentina has ushered in a new pro-Bitcoin economist president, Javier Milei, who is well known for making positive comments about digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin. Javier defeated Sergio Massa with a 56% win on the valid counted votes. After Javier commented on Bitcoin, the elections created headlines in the crypto community. Javier stated that the asset represents privatization and decentralization. Argentina is well known for its lagging economy and an overinflated currency. Javier said he would shut down the Argentine Central Bank and embrace dollarization. This new Argentine president will cause an influx of investors in altcoins, such as BTCS and SOL.

Solana Price Prediction

Solana’s price prediction has been a major concern from crypto enthusiasts rooting for the digital currency to perform. However, the project has had massive price swings of anything else but smooth. The project first crashed in the mercies of the 2022 bear market following the pace set by other digital currencies. Its association with the now-derailed crypto exchange FTX led to a further plummet as investors fled to other projects. While Some continue to support Solana and its development, others are accumulating BTCS for capital gains. Besides the falling trends, Solana is still a favorable crypto contender that could perform, especially with the expected bull market.

Bitcoin Spark makes History

Bitcoin Spark is a historic crypto project with an upgraded hybrid network validation process and in-built income-generating sources. The project is the most advanced BTC in the industry, outshining other Bitcoin alternatives that try to clone Bitcoin without providing any secondary utility. Bitcoin Spark is different since it has an independent high-performance blockchain with a high-end three-times audited smart contract. Bitcoin Spark aims to become the leading BTC fork in the industry by positioning itself as a first-to-market project with a revolutionary proof of process consensus mechanism.

The project’s ICO is ending after nine completed ICO phases. The ongoing phase (phase 10) offers the cheapest BTCS price investors will ever see, especially after the Uniswap launch. Each BTCS is retailing for $3.75 only. Those participating in the ICO now will also get an additional 4% bonus.

The Bitcoin Spark KYC verified team employs a unique marketing strategy called innovative disruption that disputes traditional Web3 marketing and replaces it with new-generation marketing methods. Some of the strategies the team has employed are storytelling and leveraging technology platforms. The strategy has worked well for the ICO event so far, which currently boasts of raising more than $5 million in the 9 completed phases.

BTCS ICO phase 10 to end in a bonus event

After phase 10, BTCS tokens will debut on Uniswap and on November 30th at $10. This means anyone investing in phase 10 will have their investments valued at 277% in just days. Those who invested in the project in phase 1 of the ICO will have their investments worth 800%. For those who missed these incredible returns, the team is organizing a bonus giveaway to give them a chance to redeem themselves before the tokens get listed on major exchanges and the underlying value of each BTCS begins to increase rapidly. The giveaway details are still behind closed doors but will soon be revealed through Bitcoin Spark’s social media channels.

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