Bitcoin could see tenfold surge on gold market share shift, says BKCM CEO By

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Brian Kelly, the CEO of BKCM, expressed a bullish outlook for on CNBC today in an interview with CNBC Money, suggesting that the cryptocurrency could potentially experience a tenfold increase in value if it begins to capture a portion of gold’s market share. His comments come as the crypto community anticipates the April Bitcoin halving event, which is expected to decrease the supply of Bitcoin and bolster investor sentiment.

Kelly highlighted several factors that could contribute to Bitcoin’s growth. Among them is the possibility of the Federal Reserve capping interest rate hikes at around 5.5%, which may positively affect investor outlook towards riskier assets like cryptocurrencies. He also pointed to upcoming spot market Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) filings from financial giants such as Morgan Stanley, which could provide easier access for retail investors and advisors.

Drawing parallels between the proposed Bitcoin ETFs and those already existing for gold, Kelly emphasized Bitcoin’s utility online over traditional gold investments. He argued that this technological edge positions Bitcoin favorably as both an inflation hedge and a key digital asset in investment portfolios.

Despite recent volatility in Bitcoin’s price, with a drop to $36,203 marking a 3.5% decrease, Kelly remains optimistic about its future role in financial markets. With Bitcoin’s current market capitalization at $700 billion compared to gold’s $7-8 trillion, even a slight shift in investment from gold to Bitcoin could lead to a significant rise in the cryptocurrency’s value. Kelly’s perspective suggests substantial room for growth if Bitcoin starts to erode gold’s dominant market position.

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