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NAVI MUMBAI: A 40-year-old doctor residing in Sanpada lodged a complaint with the cyber police on Thursday, after he was duped of Rs 1.30 crore by a four-member gang of cyber fraudsters who offered him huge returns in crypto currency trading.
As per the FIR, complainant Mayur Haedoo had received a WhatsApp message from one accused in April, offering him huge returns for investing in crypto currency trading.Once the complainant accepted the offer, the accused sent him a ‘fake’ agreement for the deal. The complainant received a link from ‘Atmos Trading Company’. Thereafter, he was made to download ‘Atmos’ App on his mobile and was told to buy USDT (United States Digital Tier), a stable crypto currency, assuring him of high returns.
Haedoo purchased USDT worth Rs 1.30 crore after which the accused told him to share his investment details with his aides, who told him that he needs to pay profit commission and crypto currency tax to receive the returns. Haedoo was made to transfer USDT worth Rs 1.30 crore to digital wallets of the accused till June. As Haedoo did not receive his returns on investment till August and the accused became incommunicado, he approached cyber police station and lodged a complaint. The three of the four accused have been identified as Nicole, Anderson and Warren.
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