Secret crypto mining rig found under Polish court floor, was run by IT maintenance staff

The IT maintenance staff working in the Supreme Administrative Court of Warsaw, Poland, were busted with a hidden cryptocurrency mining operation underneath the Supreme Court.


Crypto mining hardware was found inside of the ventilation duct, and the technical floor was discovered in the last couple of months, with the investigation being conducted by the prosecutor’s office, while the Internal Security Agency has been notified of the crypto mining operation being busted.

Investigators found computers and components placed inside of the technical floor near the devices supplying power to the building, so the crypto mining operators were sucking down power from the court while making moola on the side. The cryptocurrency mining operation under the Supreme Court in Poland might have been using their power. Still, they had their own networking hardware and modem, meaning they had their own internet connection to the mining rigs, too.

The president of the court terminated the contract with an external company that was taking care of the condition of the IT devices in the building. Before the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision was made, the company responsible for IT support fired two of its employees who were responsible for serving the IT devices in the part of the building where the “excavators” were discovered.

Judge Sylwester Marciniak said that there was no threat to data stored in the Supreme Administrative Court, and now they’re going after the IT staffers for the power used by their cryptocurrency mining operation. We don’t know how many systems, CPUs, GPUs, or SSDs that were used for mining. It would have to be CPUs and, most likely, GPUs… but then I have questions regarding noise, and especially the heat generated from mining rigs under a court.

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