Amid Growing Public Outcry, State Rep. Duffield Calls for Special Session to Stop Proliferation of Crypto Mines

(Little Rock, AR) – State Rep. Matt Duffield, District 53, has penned a letter to the governor’s office, urging Gov. Sanders to call a special session of the State legislature for the purpose of repealing the Arkansas Data Centers Act (ADCA) of 2023, as public concerns mount over the law’s aiding of Chinese communist-linked crypto mining facilities currently operating in Arkansas. 

“I speak for my constituents in Pope County and many other legislators who face a growing revolt over the proliferation of crypto mines, the lack of local control and the way the Arkansas Data Centers Act allows these companies to override local concerns,” reads State Rep. Duffield’s letter, in part.

Signed into law by Gov. Sanders earlier this year, the ADCA massively eased restrictions on cryptocurrency mining in Arkansas and drastically weakened the power of local governments to restrict or refuse crypto mining facilities in their areas.

State Rep. Duffield’s letter raises numerous environmental issues related to the operation of crypto mining facilities including violations of local noise ordinances, massive local water resource requirements, and the enormous amount of electricity needed to operate. The letter also calls for meaningful State oversight over crypto mining companies.

Barring a special session, the issue of repealing the Arkansas Data Centers Act would not be taken up by the State legislature until the 2025 legislative session.

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