Analyst claims XRP is about to see price jump

A crypto analyst who goes by “Ripple Van Winkle” on his YouTube channel “XRP Right Now” believes the influx of institutional money combined with XRP’s deflationary properties could exponentially increase its price.

The analyst released a video on Dec. 11 making several bold predictions regarding the future price of XRP.

The analyst believes that new crypto regulatory developments coming in 2024 — including a stablecoin bill and potentially a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) — will pave the way for significant institutional investment. He cites comments made by Congressman Patrick McHenry predicting crypto regulations early next year.

In the analyst’s view, this influx of institutional money and XRP’s unique role as a bridge currency and deflationary properties could drive the price exponentially higher. He outlines a hypothetical scenario where banks and institutional liquidity providers panic buy XRP, wiping out order books on exchanges.

In a matter of hours, […] It’s all gone, the private wallets start to transfer it out into cash.

XRP Right Now

The analyst argues that banks will not use public exchanges and retail XRP trading to transfer money, as commonly believed. Instead, he sees a future where large banks, such as Bank of America, create private XRP-based ledgers and derivative coins for tracking balances and transfers. XRP would serve as the bridge between these bank coins and institutional liquidity providers.

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