Analysts pick 5 altcoins to consider as Solana, Avalanche post losses

Analysts pick 5 altcoins to consider as Solana, Avalanche post losses

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The crypto market has endured a sharp selloff this week as investors begin to take profits after a bull run. Top layer-1 blockchain projects Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) were among the biggest losers, dropping over 9% in the past 24 hours alone.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are falling off the cliff. This article will look at five altcoins that investors can consider before the uptrend continues.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token

Bitcoin ETF Token is a project on Ethereum that allows investors to speculate on the potential impact of a spot Bitcoin ETF launch in the U.S.

The project’s tokenomics aligns with key ETF approval milestones; when these milestones are achieved, a portion of the total supply will be burned.

Up to 25% of the BTCETF supply is expected to be destroyed across five milestones, such as when the SEC officially approves a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Beyond the deflationary tokenomics, Bitcoin ETF Token also includes a staking protocol, offering an APY of 74%.

So far, the project’s Telegram channel has over 5,000 subscribers.

Also, the project’s presale has raised over $3.7 million. In the current phase, BTCETF is available for $0.0066.

2. Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a meme coin that aims to shake up the GameFi sector.

Meme Kombat’s main feature is its AI-animated battle arena, featuring fights between popular meme mascots like Pepe the Frog and Baby Doge.

Meme Kombat users can bet on the outcomes of these fights using MK – the platform’s native token.

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MK also has a built-in staking protocol, meaning users can receive rewards.

The project is led by Matt Whiteman, a web3 entrepreneur, and its code has been audited by Coinsult.

In the current presale phase, MK is available for $0.235.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix provides a “stake-to-mine” mechanism. In this way, everyday crypto users can take part in Bitcoin mining without expensive equipment or prior experience.

Users can stake BTCMTX to earn mining credits and exchange them for cloud mining time.

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Ahead of the next Bitcoin halving event, this model could enable more people to gain exposure to BTC’s scarcity and upside potential.

Additionally, the development team plans to launch a dedicated mobile app and partner with large cloud mining providers.

For what the project aims to achieve, it has been identified by crypto influencers, including YouTuber Michael Wrubel.

In the ongoing presale, BTCMTX is available for $0.0122 ahead of the planned exchange listings.

4. TG.Casino

TG.Casino is a new project in the growing GambleFi niche integrated directly into the popular Telegram messenger app.

By taking this approach, the platform allows users to gamble without the need of submitting personal details as part of know-your-customer (KYC). This allows users to game anonymously.

Moreover, TG.Casino supports multiple traditional casino games and a sportsbook.

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TGC serves as the ecosystem’s native currency, and gamers using TGC will receive 25% cashback on their losses.

TGC is also a crucial part of TG.Casino’s Buyback-and-Burn feature, whereby a portion of casino profits will be used to repurchase TGC from the open market and burnt, creating deflationary pressure.

In the presale in progress, TGC is trading for $0.185.

5. Injective

Injective is a blockchain built specifically for financial applications, offering a platform for developers to offer futures, perpetuals, and options trading, among other services.

INJ has been on a tear lately, soaring 62% in the past nine days.

Analysts pick 5 altcoins to consider as Solana, Avalanche post losses - 5

Although the token has pulled back slightly amid broader market weakness, most investors believe this is simply a minor correction before another upward leg.

INJ is ranked third on CoinMarketCap’s list of trending cryptos and 29th in the world for daily trading volume.

Given the growing interest in DeFi and crypto derivatives trading, Injective’s status makes it a potentially valuable asset for investors seeking to benefit from the market’s dip.  

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