Bitcoin inches closer to $45k, Litecoin and BorroeFinance may rally

Bitcoin inches closer to k, Litecoin and BorroeFinance may rally

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Bitcoin (BTC) is trending higher for the seventh week, approaching $45,000. At this pace, traders expect altcoins like Litecoin (LTC) and BorroeFinance (ROE) to extend gains. 

Bitcoin rallying

Bitcoin has been on an upward trend for the past seven weeks, surging from $27,000 in mid-October to over $41,000. 

This increase has attracted novice and experienced investors. The bullish momentum is driven by high optimism, particularly due to ongoing discussions about ETFs.

Bitcoin is rising, and bulls target the $45,000 – $47,000 range.

Litecoin rising after BitPay move

With Bitcoin rising, Litecoin is on focus. Recently, BitPay, a crypto payment processor, has integrated LTC, allowing holders to pay for Microsoft services. Additionally, Mecum Auctions has also accepted the coin.

Following this deal, LTC rose to $73.60. 

Furthermore, the increasing number of transactions and active unique addresses indicates increasing demand. 

Market experts expect this growth to increase, propping prices. 

BorroeFinance aims to reshape web3 funding

BorroeFinance leverages artificial intelligence to connect investors and businesses or content creators seeking funding.

The platform uses AI to assess risks and match investors with ventures aligned to their interests. It also allows content creators to tokenize future earnings into NFTs traded via the BorroeFinance marketplace using ROE, their native token.

Launching on Polygon, ROE is deflationary and powers the platform functionalities while offering a secure, audited marketplace for earning, trading, and funding.

In the ongoing BorroeFinance presale, over 99% of ROE allocated for the current presale stage has been sold.

As an emerging defi protocol, BorroeFinance aims to provide inclusive funding access leveraging blockchain encryption, transparency, and decentralization principles. 

However, the long-term utility and adoption of the platform and ROE token remain to be tested.

Learn more about BorroeFinance (ROE) here:

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