Triple Your Crypto Gains: Discover 3 Altcoins Ready to Explode After Kaspa! | by Mike Coldman | Dec, 2023

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In this article, we explore three exciting altcoins that are positioning themselves in the wake of the Kaspa phenomenon. These projects, still undervalued but brimming with potential!

In this article, I will introduce you to three alternative projects, or altcoins, that are in the same domain and could follow the rising power of the Kaspa project, albeit with lower valuations.

This article is somewhat speculative, but the idea is to introduce you to new projects so that you can do more research and, perhaps, invest a small amount that could potentially yield a lot if the project does 5x or 10x in a few weeks, months, or during the next bull cycle.

Kaspa has truly exploded, reaching a new all-time high beyond €0.15, even though we are not currently in a bull run that comes with the Halving. With still five months to the Halving, it’s time to consider potential alternatives to the Kaspa project.

I have personally taken an interest in three Altcoins that I will introduce to you.


The first project on our list is Taraxa, often compared to the Kaspa project’s Tara Token, with a market cap of 64 million dollars and a fully diluted valuation of 184 million dollars. About 36% of the Tokens are in circulation. However, the economic aspect of the tokens is not ideal in this project. It has seen a significant increase recently, but caution is advised with the Token dilution.

Why the Tara project and the Kaspa project?

Both use blockDAG technology, but with key differences. Kaspa uses proof of work with miners, while Taraxa uses a proof of stake model. Taraxa was designed for Web 3.0 functionalities, with smart contract capabilities, opening the project to the world of DeFi and decentralized applications.

The TARA Token used for Staking and rewards is not new. Its all-time high was established just after its launch. Since then, the price has followed a downward trend, but there has been a recent rally. The current market…

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