Analyst highlights key signal for XRP; NuggetRush and Beam start strongly in 2024

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  • Based on a historic bullish pattern, the XRP price may rally by 100%
  • Beam starts 2024 on a bullish note. 
  • NuggetRush has sold over 133 million tokens. NUGX prices are up 50% from $0.010 to $0.015.

A crypto analyst, CryptoInsightUK, believes XRP may surge, rising by 100%. Meanwhile, NuggetRush (NUGX) and Beam are leading other altcoins in their latest price surge.

NuggetRush: crypto for beginners in 2024

NuggetRush is a fun mining adventure game for gamers of any skill level. 

In this game, you are thrown into a competitive world where you aim to set up and run a successful mining business.

The game gets interesting by using artisanal miners and skilled entrepreneurs as NFTs. These characters are vital to helping you build your mining empire in the game.

In NuggetRush, there are different ways to earn rewards. You can complete quests, compete in battles, and participate in various competitions. The tasks in the game are diverse. 

You get to set up mining shafts, dig tunnels, find where the minerals are, and use the right machinery to get those minerals out.

NuggetRush also has its marketplace. Here, players can trade various resources and collectibles from the game. 

It is a game that values its community. Players can team up to form crypto mining groups, which makes the game more fun, increases your rewards, and makes your mining more efficient.

NUGX holders get a say in running the game and access exclusive parts. 

In the ongoing NuggetRush presale, over 134 million NUGX have been sold. 

Presently, the price of NUGX is at $0.015, up 50% from its starting price of $0.010.

XRP to gain versus Bitcoin?

In a recent post on X, a famous market expert, CryptoInsightUK, shared some important insights for XRP investors to watch. 

He focused on the XRP/BTC chart, which hints at where Ripple’s price could be heading next.

One key thing he mentioned was a gray zone on the weekly chart. This area has been a good indicator of when the XRP price is at its lowest compared to Bitcoin. Presently, XRP is back in this gray zone. 

According to the analyst, this could mean that XRP is at a low point against Bitcoin. 

Based on this historic pattern, CryptoInsightUK thinks XRP could see a 100% increase in its value compared to Bitcoin.

Beam starts 2024 strongly

Beam has been on a rally since the start of the new year. 

What’s adding to the excitement is the jump in trading volume. This high trading volume shows that this upward trend might have some serious steam behind it. 

Also, it is a good sign for those hoping for a strong market comeback. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the volume of Beam trading increased by 274.28% on Jan. 4. 

This price uptick has pushed its crypto market cap to $1.03 billion, making Beam the 65th largest cryptocurrency. 

Meanwhile, BEAM rose from $0.01553076 to $0.02146273 last week. 

At spot rates, it is up 77.1% in the last month.


While XRP could follow through with CryptoInsightUK’s forecast, all eyes are on NuggetRush and Beam. 

Despite the poor price movement in the market, NuggetRush has been trending higher.

This uptrend shows an increase in user interest in the project. 

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