Phoenix Invests $187M, Boosts Bitcoin Mining Scene

Phoenix Group PLC has invested $187 million to strengthen its position in the Bitcoin mining sector. Through Phoenix Computer Equipment, its subsidiary, the company has finalized an agreement with Bitmain Development PTI Ltd to acquire advanced mining machines. 

Advancing Market Dominance

This acquisition, disclosed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, is a significant step for Phoenix. It enables the firm to increase its hashing power considerably, positioning it as a frontrunner in the global Bitcoin mining landscape. 

Moreover, this move comes on the heels of a remarkable period of growth for Phoenix Group. In December 2023, the company announced a substantial $380 million investment in hardware equipment from WhatsMiner. This deal, focused on expanding its hydro cooling rigs portfolio, marked WhatsMiner’s most substantial order in two years.

Consequently, Phoenix Group’s initiation of trading on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in December 2023 cemented its status as one of the Middle East’s premier publicly listed industry firms and witnessed its share price climb to 2.32 AED (USD 0.63). Significantly, as of January 4, 2024, Phoenix boasts a market capitalization of 14.5 billion AED (USD 3.95 billion).

This series of strategic investments and market moves, highlighted by the recent Bitmain deal, underscores Phoenix Group’s aggressive expansion and consolidation of its market share in the Bitcoin mining sector.

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