USDT and Dogecoin (DOGE) Holders Buying Massive Amounts Of New ICO Token — May Follow Bitcoin’s 20000% ROI Yields

Heavy ‘pocketed’ Tether (USDT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) holders are continuing to move in droves to buy a new ICO token, that’s a new Bitcoin alternative. It’s better than the $BTC by many’s point-of-view because it’s on Bitcoin-Blockchain’s top rival, Ethereum-Blockchain. A store-of-value token, symbol $Mollars, is set to debut this year and its current token presale ( is on fire. Over 1-million tokens expected to be sold by Friday if $USDT and $DOGE traders keep buying at the current rates.

Records were set last week by Tether (USDT) holders. Several ICO buys completed with  the stable coin were in the $2500 to $5000 range, but none topped the Ethereum ($ETH) shark who purchased just under US$18,000. That was the record purchase.

Shark Week: Tether (USDT) Holder  Becomes #1 $MOLLARS Holder

Now, after seeing $MOLLARS token purchases by USDT holders increase by over 3,100% last week, making it the third largest increase by a concentrated group of crypto buyers, the biggest single purchase is also by a Tether trader. On Thursday, January 11th, one Tether Shark investor bought over US$23,000 worth of Mollars presale tokens. This is the biggest purchase by any Crypto Whale or Shark to date in the ICO. This trader, who holds a substantiation amount of $USDT stablecoins, bought over 51,111 $MOLLARS tokens at its discounted price of US$0.45.

The investment is just another testament to the firm belief by many ‘smart money’ crypto traders that Mollars has a serious future. As it brings relief to traders suffering through the worst blockchains fees of the entire crypto industry, Bitcoin-blockchain, Mollars saving dollars will bring investors needing an SOV token to it like intelligent moths to a light.

A great way for novice traders to understand the Tether-to-Mollars migration madness is simply, study and do what big money does, to get their above average funding.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Holders Buying More Tokens Than Kasper (KAS) Holders Now

In a turn of events over the weekend, [concentrated] Kasper token holders lost the #4 position on the Mollars initial coin offering’s top buying groups.   Instead, Dogecoin ($DOGE) traders moved up from 6th to 4th.

According to the ICO transaction address data from the Mollars token presale, analyzation of the last 7 days shows Dogecoin loyalists are swapping funds to Ethereum (ETH) to buy into the Mollars ICO.

Over 70,000 Mollars tokens are owned by traders who fancied Dogecoin through 2023 but appear to be interested in the new Bitcoin-alternative more.

Dogecoin’s value peaked on December 8th, 2023 at 10-cents. That was the highest point for last year.  Perhaps traders who raked in profits from the spike in value want to invest some of their gains elsewhere or more probable, Dogecoin (DOGE) holders know that the token is not likely to see any goliath increases in price as Mollars is predicted to have.  Not unless Elon Musk, Drake,  Lebron James come together to “MDGA” [Make Doge Great Again].

Mollars Token Presale To Yield +37.78% ROI On Crypto Exchange’s 1st Listing Day

On the other hand, Mollars will launch on crypto exchanges in less than 4 months at a price of US$0.62.   That’s a 17-cent gain for crypto traders who invest in the token presale today during the 3rd round.

And even in the 4th round, where the $MOLLARS token price will rise another 5-cents to US$0.50, investors will still gain an immediate 12-cents on their investment when the ICO closes and the token is published on a public crypto exchange.

The 3rd round investors of today will see +37.78% ROI  yields.    Later, 4th round investors will see a positive ROI yield of +24% on their investment.   It’s a healthy win-win situation for all.

Predicted To Yield +10,000% After Total Token Supply Sold

That return on investment is far from what’s expected for traders that hold on to mollars until its full token supply of 10-million is sold out. Various reputable crypto media outlets report predictions of a 10,000% or higher ROI yield for $MOLLARS token presale investors that hold until it becomes fractionally divided.

After the 10 million Mollars are sold out, users will begin buying fractional dividends of the token.   These token fragments are known as “Molls,”  similar to how Bitcoin has the fractional dividends called “Satoshis.”

Mollars ($MOLLARS) is Deflationary Like Bitcoin (BTC) — More Limited Than Its Rival

The demand and continued building of the cryptocurrency’s brand value is what will drive its price up.  The ‘new Bitcoin for Ethereum’s blockchain’ is also a deflationary token like the $BTC. The 10-million token supply will never change and as the cryptocurrency continues gaining value as long as demand remains consistent.

Mollars is going to launch on a first public cryptocurrency exchange in May of 2024. This is also the month that is the deadline for the Ethereum ETF.  The timing could be perfect to create a hyper-parabolic price increase that could see the $MOLLARS token price lift far more than +10,000%.

This morning, there are just over 650,000 presale tokens that have been purchased by crypto investors.  Visit the official Initial Coin Offering website,, to see the latest sales numbers, buy $MOLLARS token before it’s available to the public, or both.

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