Indian Sports Firm Collaborate Adopts Aptos, Injective Continues Token Burn, NuggetRush To Launch Crypto Mining Game


  • Aptos Labs has partnered with STAN to launch a platform that will connect gamers with their favorite influencers.
  • Injective has burned $200m worth of INJ tokens and wants to burn more.
  • NuggetRush plans to launch the first crypto-mining game where players can mine precious minerals and earn rewards.

Aptos Labs and STAN have teamed up to launch a platform where gamers can interact with influencers. Injective has burned $200 million worth of INJ tokens and aims for further burns.

Meanwhile, NuggetRush is gearing up to introduce the first crypto-mining game. This game will allow players to mine valuable minerals and reap rewards, making it one of the top DeFi projects in the market.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Introduces an Exciting Play-to-Earn Mining Game

NuggetRush (NUGX) has captured high market interest with its gaming platform that entertains but also rewards gamers and small-scale miners. This community-driven play-to-earn project has combined great rewards system with gaming to provide gamers an opportunity to increase their profits while playing. 

In addition to games, the platform’s complex ecosystem includes gold mining components, offering a varied user experience. Players assume control of their own mining company in NuggetRush, beginning with a tiny plot and the necessary equipment to carry out preliminary surveys and evaluations. With this configuration, players can scout locations for minerals.

While doing so, they can operate machinery, construct tunnels, and undertake excavation activities. As their business grows and they win rewards, the players can expand their mining operations by buying more equipment.

Also, NuggetRush has characters that are designed as NFTs, each with distinct abilities and limitations, making them some of the coolest NFTs in the market. These NFTs can be traded on the NuggetRush marketplace, along with other gaming assets, items, and mined resources.

Currently, in its fifth presale phase, NuggetRush is priced at $0.018. As this presale stage draws to a close, the price is set to rise to $0.020 upon launch, positioning NuggetRush as the best crypto to buy now for those looking to invest in an innovative game.

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Indian eSports Firm Adopts Aptos (APT) Blockchain 

STAN, an Indian eSports startup has teamed up with Aptos Labs to create a new platform dedicated to eSports fans. According to the announcement on X, STAN will use Aptos’s scalability and high performance for the benefit of the eSports community. 

Also, this partnership will unlock other opportunities for India’s gaming population. It will allow them to connect with top gamers and streamers, buy NFTs, and have access to special games, meet-and-greets, and interviews with gaming stars.

Following news of the partnership, Aptos’s APT coin has seen a 10.0% price pump rising from a weekly low of $8.52 to a peak of $9.50. Apart from news of the partnership, Aptos coin is also rising together with other altcoins in the market, thanks to Bitcoin’s latest surge above $50,000.

Injective (INJ) To Burn More INJ Tokens 

Injective (INJ), the native coin of the Injective protocol, has dropped 20.4% from its ATH of $45.01 reached at the beginning of 2024. Despite the price fall, the token still shows a price surge of 11.5%, thanks to bulls who have maintained the $31.94 – $37.11 price range.

Meanwhile, Injective is preparing to burn more INJ tokens. A recent tweet from the platform stated that February 15th was set aside for another Injective burn of 6,200 INJ tokens.

To date, Injective tokens valued at more than $200 million have been burned. Due to the ongoing increase in token burning, injectable prices may reach all-time highs as supply becomes scarce.

Analysts have predicted that this will lead to a price increase to $45.24 in the upcoming weeks. Additionally optimistic are Injective’s technical indicators, which back this price increase to $45.24.

Closing Thoughts

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has experienced phenomenal expansion, drawing players from the cryptocurrency area. Experts predict that the gaming token NuggetRush will exceed popular coins like Injective and Aptos as a result of this tremendous rise.

Luckily, NuggetRush is still in its crypto ICO stage and is just worth $0.018. Get in now before the presale ends and its project launches.

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