Texas Blockchain Council Stand Against Energy Data Demand

Texas Blockchain Council Stand Against Energy Data Demand

The Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) and Riot Platforms have launched a legal battle against federal energy officials. This move challenges what they consider an unjust demand for crypto-mining energy data.

The @TXblockchain_ is proud to be pushing back against Federal Overreach. We initiated legal action last night, alongside our members @RiotPlatforms, to put a TRO on the EIA’s “Emergency” Demand for proprietary information from bitcoin miners. https://t.co/5X1UDbYvov

— Lee ₿ratcher (@lee_bratcher) February 23, 2024

A Clash Over Crypto and Energy

On February 22, in a decisive move, the TBC and Riot Platforms filed a lawsuit in the Western District of Texas. They are pushing back against the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) “invasive” request for detailed energy usage figures from cryptocurrency miners. 

With a February 23 deadline threatening fines, the plaintiffs argue this demand oversteps government bounds and hints at political motives behind the scenes. The heart of their argument lies in the claim of political maneuvering. The TBC specifically names Senator Elizabeth Warren and the White House, accusing them of instigating this move. 

They seek a temporary court order to halt the data collection, framing their legal challenge as a fight against regulatory overreach that, they fear, could stifle innovation across all sectors, not just crypto.

Moreover, this legal tussle occurs amidst broader debates over the energy consumption of crypto mining and its environmental impact. The Department of Energy defends the data request as critical for forming a comprehensive view of the sector’s energy use. Yet, critics, including Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer, see it as a veiled attack on the crypto industry, possibly driven by climate change policy priorities.

The crypto community watches closely as the clock ticks towards a court hearing set for February 23 at 5:30 pm UTC. This case questions the balance of regulatory reach and the future landscape of crypto mining in the United States.

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