Top Oversold Altcoins That Can Make You Rich in 2024

Analyst Crypto Rus has discussed some overlooked altcoins that investors should watch. He discussed the current oversold state of certain altcoins and suggested that now might be the opportune moment to consider them, labeling them as “Bargain Alts.”

According to Crypto Rus, despite the prevailing sentiment of bearishness in the crypto market, there have been certain winners in the last 30 days. Among these winners are altcoins like Suie, Pendle, PTH Network, and Chainlink, which have shown impressive gains despite the overall market conditions.

Discussing specific altcoins, Crypto Rus began by mentioning Jupiter, pointing out its recent launch and significant volume on the Solana blockchain. Although Jupiter’s market cap has slightly decreased since its debut, Crypto Rus remains positive about its future potential.

Moving down the list, he addressed Sats and Ordi, down by 37% and 22%, respectively. These altcoins are considered memes within the crypto community but have already seen substantial success. However, Crypto Rus maintained a neutral stance on them due to their large market capitalization.

He then turned his attention to Lido, highlighting its role in liquid staking for Ethereum and predicting its success in the current market cycle. With a market cap of 2.5 billion and a focus on liquid staking, Crypto Rus views Lido as a promising investment opportunity.

Further down the list, Crypto Rus discussed various altcoins such as Akash and Kava, both under 1 billion market cap, and stressed their potential within the Cosmos ecosystem. He believes that their association with Cosmos could propel them to break the billion-dollar mark shortly.

Crypto Rus discussed Cardano (ADA) and Injective Protocol (INJ) in his analysis. He mentioned that he held a neutral view on Cardano, noting its market size and the divided opinions within the crypto community. He was optimistic about the Injective Protocol. Despite a recent 16% decline in price over the last month, he pointed out its impressive 76% growth over the last 60 days. He stressed that Injective Protocol has been executing its strategies effectively and was recognized as one of the top-performing projects in 2023.

The analyst recommended considering altcoins like Cosmos, SEI, and VeChain, all of which have seen recent dips in price but are backed by strong fundamentals.

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