U.S. Tightens Grip on Bitcoin Mining Sector; Kaspa and Emerging A.I. Altcoin Expected to Shine in 2024

The U.S. government has turned its sights on the crypto mining sector as it embarks on a significant initiative to track and collect data on energy consumption for Bitcoin (BTC) mining activities. This mandatory energy monitoring is reportedly a response to the unease about the environmental impact of these activities. Investors remain wary about what this interest could mean.

The altcoin market remains on an uptrend as top projects on the decentralized cryptocurrency list record remarkable achievements. Kaspa (KAS), a token known for its transaction speed, has gained investor attention as its market value surges. Another upcoming project in its ICO stage, InQubeta (QUBE), has become a popular investment option. The token offers exciting opportunities on the blockchain, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios using fractional investments. This article explores Bitcoin’s path as the U.S. tightens its grip on the mining sector, highlighting Kaspa and InQubeta’s potential to shine in 2024.

InQubeta (QUBE): Where Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Meet

This revolutionary crowdfunding platform, set to explode in 2024, focuses on offering rewarding investment opportunities in the artificial intelligence industry. InQubeta leverages blockchain and smart contracts, providing a secure and transparent ecosystem where investments are fractionated and split into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens are listed on the platform’s marketplace and traded, offering investors stakes in these companies and a chance to diversify their portfolios.

The blockchain ICO is currently in the seventh stage of its presale, attracting a phenomenal response from investors seeking upcoming projects selling at discounted prices. With over $9.7 million raised and over 782 million tokens sold, the presale is gaining significant traction from the crypto community. Once the next stage commences, the token’s market value will shoot up as its DeFi coin price rises from $0.0224 to $0.0255. 

This A.I. altcoin creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem where A.I. tech startups and QUBE token holders can earn rewards. By listing these companies on its platform, InQubeta provides exposure to a diverse audience while allowing investors to earn rewards as the company grows. They can also stake their tokens to gain from a dedicated rewards pool funded by a buy-and-sell tax. This blockchain ICO is set to attain prominence in 2024, inviting investors to join the community early for substantial returns.

Bitcoin (BTC): Possible Policy Changes Amid U.S. Government Surveys

Bitcoin has been on an uptrend over the past few months, rising by over 50%. This surge has resulted in more transactions over the network, requiring more activity in the mining sector. These activities haven’t gone unnoticed by the U.S. government, as the Energy Information Administration (EIA), a statistics agency under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has begun an emergency probe into BTC mining.

Over the next six months, the agency will survey selected Bitcoin miners, collecting data about their electricity use for mining activities. Investors, miners, and traders are wary of this turn of events following the government’s recent crackdown on the cryptocurrency market. While the EIA spokesperson, Morgan Butterfield, informed Coindesk that the agency has no role in creating, implementing, enforcing, or commenting on policy, the fear of this action affecting crypto policies and the predicted rally for BTC remains an issue.

Kaspa (KAS): Predicted Rise In 2024

Kaspa, a new token on the decentralized cryptocurrency list, has been on an uptrend, offering investors a chance to claim substantial returns. Although the token has not been listed on top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, it has gained a considerable following, leaving investors anticipating what lies ahead when these partnerships take shape. The native token, KAS, has been gaining in the parallel market, rising by nearly 40% over the past week.

Analysts are bullish on the future of this token, sharing positive outlooks for Kaspa. Prominent analyst Daan de Rover has shared reasons for the token’s potential upswing in 2024. He highlighted its absence for exchange listings, noting that these platforms must buy the token from the open market to list it. Rover was optimistic about this move, indicating that the demand and liquidity of KAS would increase, potentially raising its market value to the $2 to $3 range.


As the bull market rallies, investors are worried that a policy change following the U.S. crackdown on Bitcoin mining could affect the expected BTC surge. Upcoming cryptocurrencies, Kaspa and InQubeta, are set to experience a significant surge in their market prices as they shine on the crypto list in 2024. With its proposed launch DeFi coin price of $0.0308, InQubeta is expected to deliver a 340% ROI to early investors who purchased tokens in stage 1.

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