7 New Altcoins That Could Explode in 2024

Despite a recent pullback, the crypto market remains rife with opportunity. Bitcoin is currently flirting with its ATH, and the four-yearly halving event is just one month away.

Historically, this has fared a lucrative period for the crypto market, offering a bullish outlook for traders and investors.

But not all cryptos will perform equally. Therefore, this article considers market trends, use cases, prices, and expert opinions to determine the 7 best altcoins that could explode in 2024, that you should buy now.

Based on these criteria, our top picks are Dogecoin20, Green Bitcoin, eTukTuk, 5th Scape, Render, Kaspa, and Book of Meme.

Let’s take a closer look at each.


Inspired by the godfather of meme coins, Dogecoin, Dogecoin20 is an ERC-20 token with cutting-edge utility and sustainable tokenomics.

With the meme coin presale saga heating up, Dogecoin20 has enjoyed unwavering success, raising over $2.7 million in five days.

Heavy-hitting presales like Book of Meme and Slerf have soared into the hundreds of millions of market caps after launching recently, presenting immense potential for Dogecoin20.

The project tackles pervasive Dogecoin criticisms, making it a desirable alternative to the $18 billion internet sensation.

One of Dogecoin’s biggest issues is a lack of utility. Dogecoin20 solves this with its proprietary Stake-to-Earn mechanism, empowering holders to generate passive investment rewards.

Currently, they can garner a 307% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Dogecoin20 also follows in Bitcoin’s footsteps, adopting the “sound money” principle to stave off inflation and its inadvertent price dilution effect.

This offers an attractive advantage over Dogecoin, which is often criticized for its infinite supply.

Although Dogecoin20’s launch has been a roaring success, urgency has begun to kick in. With $2.7 million raised and a $6 million hard cap, time is running out to buy the presale.

Furthermore, the price will incrementally rise throughout the event, with the next uptick occurring when it hits $2.9 million.

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Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin is a compelling new Bitcoin alternative on the Ethereum blockchain. Integrating a novel predict-to-earn mechanism into the offering, Green Bitcoin presents several ways for holders to compound their investment.

The project is currently undergoing a presale, having raised over $6.2 million so far. However, with a $7 million hard cap, time to buy is running out. 

Presale investors can also stake their tokens. Currently, staking offers a 92% APY, but this decreases as the staking pool grows. 64% of $GBTC tokens are already staked, illustrating a deep-market appetite for passive $GBTC rewards.

Stakers are also invited to participate in Green Bitcoin’s predict-to-earn mechanism, where they can earn up to 100% bonuses. It works by users guessing whether Bitcoin’s price will rise or fall the next day in exchange for rewards.

The project has drawn immense excitement, with analysts backing it for explosive success following its IEO.

In a recent YouTube video, low-cap gem hunter Jacob Bury dubbed it one of the “5 top presales to buy before the Bitcoin halving.”

Currently, traders can buy the Green Bitcoin presale for $1.0682, but this price is set to rise when the total raise hits $6.4 million.

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Join the AI revolution as eTukTuk directs the avant-garde tech to the electric vehicle industry, staving off the damning effects of global warming.

By strategically placing electric vehicles and charging stations in developing nations worldwide, eTukTuk hopes to lower CO2 emissions, eradicate carbon-related health issues, and negate financial disparity.

The project will start its venture in Sri Lanka and has already gained pace by partnering with the nation’s largest privately held company, Capital Maharaja Group.

Indeed, this is a notable achievement, but its AI integration extends its bullish outlook. eTukTuk leverages AI for vehicle route optimization and predictive maintenance, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of its vehicle fleet and associated infrastructure.

The native $TUK token is at the center of its ecosystem and is used to transfer value and for staking.

This also solves the financial disparity issue, bolstering accessibility to the world’s 1.4 billion unbanked adults.

eTukTuk’s compelling use case and focus on solving real-world issues have drawn tremendous excitement among leading media bodies.

Despite being in its early stages, the project has been featured by Yahoo News, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph, and Coinspeaker.

eTukTuk is currently amidst a presale, having raised $2.2 million so far. The price is $0.0285, but this will rise in five days.

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5th Scape

Virtual and augmented reality is an emerging sector with vast potential for blockchain integration. Given it remains in its early stages, there is significant opportunity for those who can capitalize.

One of the best upcoming projects is 5th Scape, a groundbreaking protocol that intertwines AR and 3D gaming.

The project is in its early presale stages, having raised $1.5 million so far.

Countless gaming experiences are at play, providing a vibrant and dynamic user experience with far-reaching advantages over its legacy gaming counterpart.

5th Scape’s first venture is Cage Conquest, an immersive mixed martial arts-themed game featuring dynamic combat, a champion’s journey, strategic training, and more.

The $5SCAPE token plays an instrumental role in this new paradigm of heightened experiences.

5th Scape offers staking, but in addition to passive rewards, stakers get lifetime access, exclusive in-game advantages, and access to new features and games. The $5SCAPE token will also transfer value through the ecosystem.

As per its website, 80% of the tokens are allocated to the presale, 10% to the project’s treasury and development, and 10% to liquidity. The current presale price is $0.00215, but this will increase in four days.

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Render is another cryptocurrency leveraging blockchain technology in an emerging industry. The project is a decentralized GPU network that provides computational power to developers for rendering energy-intensive graphics.

RNDR is priced at $10.61, down 16% today and 4.61% this week but up 72.22% this month and 624% this year.

It holds a $3.9 billion market cap and a $723 million 24-hour trading volume.  Render is used for VR/AR, media, gaming, medical graphics, and more.

Demonstrating real-world use cases, Vinny Lingham noted that Render is powering an Apple Vision Pro app. 

He wrote, “This is the only Apple Vision Pro app powered by a crypto network—Render,” referring to an app called Star Trek.

However, it is also at the forefront of the crypto-AI revolution, with language models and other forms of AI demanding tremendous computational power.

Render offers benefits like an efficient and on-demand infrastructure, network scalability, and improved digital rights management. Through the power of blockchain, Render looks to out-deliver legacy cloud solutions, presenting a unique value proposition and significant growth potential.

Currently, Render is the largest AI-related crypto by market cap, making it a fantastic asset for exposure to the trending sector.

In addition, the Render CEO is speaking at GPU manufacturer Nvidia’s gaming conference this week, cementing the project’s notoriety.


Kaspa is a decentralized and scalable layer 1 blockchain leveraging BlockDAG technology.

It is currently trading at $0.1204, down 9.23% today, 20.79% this week, and 27.72% this month. However, it remains up a whopping 761% this year.

KAS currently holds a $2.7 billion market cap and a $84 million 24-hour trading volume, up 40% today.

Given its unwavering momentum this year, the recent pullback could present a timely buying opportunity ahead of the next leg up.

As per its website, “Kaspa is the fastest, open-source, decentralized and fully scalable Layer-1 in the world.” The key difference between Kaspa and other layer 1 networks is that Kaspa allows blocks to be created in parallel.

This enables a notably high block time, averaging one per second, and aims for 0.1 seconds per block in the future. Following Bitcoin and Monero’s footsteps, Kaspa started as a fair launch, enabling organic and sustainable long-term price action.

Prominent analyst RVCrypto recently dubbed Kaspa his “highest conviction play,” citing a potential upcoming Binance listing as a near-term price catalyst.

“Binance’s former lead listing researcher says it’s not a case of if but when. I expect a massive upside once it happens. Currently, the MC is the same as that of Bitcoin in 2013,” he explained.

Book of Meme 

One is Book of Meme, a new Solana-based sensation that reached a $1 billion market cap in just two days. Becoming the fastest meme coin to ever achieve the feat, momentum is evidently on BOME’s side.

It is currently trading at $0.01118, down 15.57% today and 60.13% since its ATH. However, it has begun showing recovery signs, bouncing from $0.0092 earlier today.

BOME’s market cap is $627 million, and its 24-hour trading volume is $2.5 billion, up 21% today.

Despite only launching five days ago, the project has achieved impressive notoriety, including a listing on the heavyweight exchange Binance.

However, this stoked suspicion, with some analysts suggesting manipulation was at play. Nevertheless, Binance conducted an internal audit, finding everything was above board and clearing its internal personnel from allegations of insider trading.

Ultimately, this confusion is no surprise given Book of Meme’s unprecedented trajectory.

While its future remains to be seen, its accolade the fastest meme coin to $1 billion is now a part of blockchain history, providing a distinct narrative to fuel further growth.


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