Big crypto investors buying $BOME token but the token deployer is a noob*

Big crypto investors buying $BOME token but the token deployer is a noob* 3

The majority of the top crypto exchanges decided to list the Bome token, as the demand for this token surged across the whole crypto sector rapidly.

BOME token (Book of Memes) is a Solala network-based SPL token. This token was deployed by an unknown person on the Solana network, a few days ago. Many people turned their small investment into a very big amount, by investing in this token.

This address sent 420.69 Sol to join Book of memes presale.
In less than 48Hrs
He turned $80K to 5.7M
Yes it’s true

— Elja (@Eljaboom) March 15, 2024

In the last couple of days, the trade price of this token surged by 24-fold and grabbed the top position among the top trending crypto assets in this sector. 

Just an hour ago, the main actor behind this token launched the official website but he mentioned that he doesn’t know much about crypto liquidity pools on the Dex platforms. 

Do you know? $Bome token (BOOK OF MEME) deployer is a noob

— Bitcoinik (@Bitcoinikdotcom) March 16, 2024

By considering this fact we can say that the actor behind this meme token is a noob but with limited knowledge of deploying new tokens on the Solana network. 

So far more than a dozen centralised crypto exchanges added support for this token. 

Just an hour ago, the top crypto exchange Binance also announced support for this token but with a high-risk warning. 

#Binance will list @Darkfarms1 $BOME with Seed Tag applied.


— Binance (@binance) March 16, 2024

Before Binance, Major crypto exchange KuCoin also added support for this new trendy token.

📢 #KuCoin Convert Adds $BOME

— KuCoin (@kucoincom) March 16, 2024

The current trade price of this token is $0.022 & this trade price is 486% higher over the last 24 hours. 

Big crypto investors buying $BOME token but the token deployer is a noob* 2

Now it will be interesting to see the next move of this token, as we have already come across multiple meme tokens over the past few years but at the same time people are considering this meme project as another Shiba Inu (Shib) project.

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