Top Altcoins Set To Surge  in Coming Week With Major Exchange Listing 

Top Altcoins Set To Surge  in Coming Week With Major Exchange Listing 

Coinbase’s latest move to introduce perpetual futures contracts for Blur (BLUR), Sei (SEI), and Uniswap (UNI) signals potential market excitement. The listing aims to unlock new trading strategies for institutional clients, presenting direct access to these crypto assets on a global scale.

New Coin Listing on Coinbase

A recent tweet post by Coinbase International Exchange’s strategic decision to list perpetual future contracts for BLUR, SEI, and UNI creates a buzz in the crypto community. 

As of March 14, 2024, users can actively participate in these contracts on Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced. Full-trading mode details for BLUR-PERP, SEI-PERP, and UNI-PERP markets will be disclosed on the listing date.

Following the success of previous listings like Polkadot, Internet Computer, and NEAR Protocol, the community eagerly awaits potential surges in BLUR, SEI, and UNI prices. 

Notable gains after the February 22 listing set the stage, with NEAR recording a substantial 30% rally. The current market sentiment, coupled with Coinbase’s move, suggests the possibility of a noteworthy rally for these assets.

Blur’s Promising Start

BLUR, among the newly listed assets, has already seen a 4% uptick in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.696. Notably, it falls into the category of top altcoins attracting smart money, as indicated by Nansen’s data. 

Sei’s Strong Momentum

SEI shows a 14% increase, currently valued at $0.9174. A notable 80% spike in trading volume indicates rising trader interest. Adding to the excitement, Sei has unveiled a v2 upgrade supporting both CosmWasm and the EVM simultaneously, enhancing its efficiency in terms of time to finality and transaction processing.

Uniswap’s Consolidation Phase

Meanwhile, UNI is undergoing a consolidation phase after a remarkable 40% rally last week, priced at $15. Meanwhile, Uniswap’s recent surge to a 2-year high aligns with the Uniswap Foundation’s governance proposal, suggesting potential distributions of protocol revenues among token holders.

What to Expect?

With the trio finding its home on Coinbase International Exchange, traders and investors eagerly anticipate the market’s response. As BLUR, SEI, and UNI embark on a new chapter, the crypto community braces for potential price movements, creating exciting opportunities on the horizon.

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