Altcoin Bloodbath Incoming? Crypto Analyst Predicts Crash Similar To 2019 After ETH/BTC Support Breaks

Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen has cautioned investors about buying the dip in alternative coins, citing a historical precedent of a significant drop.

What Happened: Cowen drew attention to the last time ETH/BTC support broke in 2019, which led to a drastic 70% fall in “Alts” over the subsequent six to nine months. He noted that the ETH/BTC support broke two days before his post, suggesting a similar downturn for Alts could be imminent.

This warning contrasts with the advice of many influencers encouraging investors to buy the dip in altcoins, highlighting the volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market.

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Why It Matters: Cowen’s warning comes amidst fluctuating market conditions and strategic investment decisions. Despite the endorsement of Bitcoin by investment heavyweight BlackRock Inc in 2023, skepticism about the cryptocurrency persists among many finance professionals.

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo has projected that Bitcoin ETFs could potentially drive Bitcoin’s price to surpass that of gold.

However, in the lead-up to the “halving” event, CEO Kris Marszalek anticipates a surge in Bitcoin sales.

These developments underscore the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the need for investors to exercise caution, as highlighted by Cowen.

Price Action: In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin shows a slight increase of 0.10%, reaching a price of $63,522. Meanwhile, Ether demonstrates a slightly stronger performance with a 0.22% uptick, bringing its price to $3,110, according to the data from Benzinga Pro.

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