Altcoin Season on Horizon: With Bitcoin Halving in 3 Weeks, Here Are The 3 Trends To Watch

Altcoin Season on Horizon: With Bitcoin Halving in 3 Weeks, Here Are The 3 Trends To Watch

As Bitcoin ($BTC) keeps breaking records, some investors hesitate, fearing they missed the crypto rally. But our crypto enthusiast Cyclop has a different perspective. He sees the market cycle just starting, with altcoins ready to make significant moves. 

This crypto shift came to light with Bitcoin’s struggles to stay above $72,000, creating selling pressure and prompting speculation about further declines. Despite trading within a crucial support zone, uncertainty looms. Will bears trigger a drop below $65,000, or is a bullish bounce imminent? An analyst opens his analysis for BTC and his shift to altcoins and stablecoins as a diverse strategy to sail in unregulated crypto waters. 

Halving To Pump Bitcoin to New Highs 

In a recent series of X posts, crypto analyst Cyclop shared insights into the potential trajectory of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins based on historical patterns and market dynamics.

He started his analysis by highlighting past trends, the analyst notes that BTC typically reaches its all-time high (ATH) around 7-8 months after the halving event. During this period, the peaks of bull markets occurred approximately 880 days or 29 months before halving events in both 2017 and 2021.

Drawing parallels from this, they anticipate the next BTC ATH to occur around November-December. Furthermore, considering the duration of previous bull runs, which lasted approximately 10 months, they suggest that the current bull run may extend until around October 2025. On the flip side, he mentioned the timeline for the Bear markets in 2018 and 2022 lasted for around 370 days each. Approximately 500 days passed between All-Time Lows (ATL) and halving events in 2018-2020 and 2022-2024. Making room for a new ATH by year-end. 

But Altcoins Have 100X potential 

Exploring potential gems in the crypto space is crucial, especially when the market dynamics are shifting. Especially on altcoins, Cyclop emphasizes the potential for quick gains, citing the possibility of 100x returns compared to the 2-5X gains expected from BTC and ETH. They express confidence in their portfolio-building strategy, which involves investing in promising altcoin projects while gradually locking in profits leading up to October 2025.

However, the analyst also underscores the importance of maintaining a portion of the portfolio in stablecoins, citing examples of altcoins like FTM, SOL, and MATIC, which saw exponential growth post-halving events. While bullish about the current market’s potential, Cyclop advises to stay alert, diversify their investments, and avoid risking more than they can afford to lose, especially when investing in volatile altcoins.

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