Arkansas Senate passes two new crypto mining bills

The Arkansas Senate of the United States of America  has passed two new bills that will regulate cryptocurrency mining in the state.

With these two bills, regulations around crypto mining will be tightened in the Arkansas state. 

The bills, after being approved in the Arkansas senate, will now head towards the house.

On Wednesday, Senate Bill 79 passed with 32 votes in favor, and Senate Bill 78 received 26 in favor, none of them had voted against it, while a few senators choose to abstain from voting.

The SB78 was filed by Senator Joshua Bryant and established limits to the crypto mining activity by prohibiting them from being owned by certain foreign entities and allowing local governments to pass ordinances regulating the mines.

State Sen. Joshua Bryant, (R), District 32. stated 

“I think we had a great debate on what crypto mining looks like in the State of Arkansas and how to regulate it and how to make sure that the nuisances that may be generated by those that don’t want to play by our laws get addressed,” 

The SB79 was filed by State Sen. Missy Irvin, (R) District 24, and gives jurisdiction to the Arkansas Gas and Oil Commission, a subdivision of the state’s Department of Energy and Environment to regulate the crypto mining activity.

Crypto Mining in the US

The crypto mining industry is rapidly growing in the US due to a combination of technological advancements, economic factors, and regulatory changes. Some of the main factors behind the growth of crypto mining are:

Technology Adoption

The USA is one of the leading economies in the world bringing high levels of tech market developments, which helps the crypto mining industry to evolve faster than in other regions.

Economic Factors

The potential for high returns on investment has attracted both individual and institutional investors to the crypto mining sector.

Favorable regulation

Compared to other regions the US has some crypto-friendly policies in different states that aim to help the crypto market to develop.

Energy Resources

The U.S. has abundant energy resources, including renewable energy, which is increasingly being used to power mining operations cost-effectively and sustainably.

The crypto mining activity is growing worldwide and the US is one of the leading key players in the development of this industry in the world

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