How to keep BTC mining efficient as rewards decrease

The Bitcoin halving 2024 is here to change the Bitcoin (BTC) mining landscape again by cutting the reward for mining a block of Bitcoin in half. With over 93% of the total BTC supply already being issued, the competition for superior mining hardware has reached new levels, sparking a rush to optimize power resources and operational efficiencies.

With miners grappling to maintain profitability in a market where rewards are diminishing but operational demands continue to climb, the quest for innovative solutions in Bitcoin mining has become more crucial than ever.

Bitcoin future supply schedule

Amid the heated competition, everyone is looking for an entry point to Bitcoin mining that would make both the purchase, delivery and maintenance of high-capacity miners a breeze. Uminers, an international crypto mining equipment and facility company, aims to simplify Bitcoin mining by offering comprehensive turnkey solutions through user-friendly processes.

Turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions

Uminers’ turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions encapsulate support for the selection, delivery, data center placement and maintenance of ASIC miners —the most popular and effective hardware designed for BTC mining. The company operates as the official distributor for leading mining equipment manufacturers, including Bitmain and MicroBT.

With headquarters in Guangzhou, China, Uminers has established branches in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Ethiopia, offering transparency and security through the transaction phases.

The international expertise allows Uminers to deliver all equipment in accordance with related law requirements. It guarantees 24/7 safety and timely execution on orders of all scales. Thanks to its HQ in Guangzhou, the company can deliver out-of-stock ASIC models directly from China.

Datacenter for Bitcoin mining

Uminers’ immediate plans consist of the construction of large-scale data centers in Africa, the Middle East and South America, which will not only be aimed at mining but will also become a key tool for solving a range of complex tasks required to offer more efficient Bitcoin mining. Uniminers’ data centers will utilize advanced technology, including AI, to use less energy and fewer servers, resulting in faster results and significant cost reductions.

As part of its expansion to Africa, Uminers announced its new data center is under construction in Ethiopia, where it has a legal entity. The company picked the region for its cheap and eco-friendly hydroelectric power. Targeted for a late 2024 completion, Uminers’ Ethiopia data center is expected to initially reach a 100-megawatt capacity with over 30,000 high-performance ASIC miners, including Antminer S21, S21 Hydro, T21 and S19. The full capacity of the plant will be 200 MW with over 60,000 devices.

Uminers also has plans for several facilities in Ethiopia totaling around 500 MW, initiated by the construction of the first facility. The company is currently in negotiations with the regional authorities to build a 50 MW data center in the Middle East.

Uminers’ Etiopia data center is expected to become operational in Autumn 2024. Source: Uminers

Uminers’ Etiopia data center is expected to become operational in Autumn 2024. Source: Uminers

“The industrial-scale mining for extracting the remaining Bitcoin has never been more pertinent,” said Uminers president Batyr Hydyrov, adding: “The battle for accessing sufficient electrical power is intensifying globally, as the slowdown in miner sales worldwide is mainly due to the scarcity of installation sites and available power capacity.”

Making Bitcoin mining accessible

Uminers aims to strengthen its footing in mining and expand its operations to AI to address the demands of the growing digital economy.

As Bitcoin mining’s complexity and competitiveness escalate daily, plug-and-play solutions begin to represent a crucial part of the broader Bitcoin ecosystem’s efficiency and ease of use. These comprehensive packages streamline the initial setup, delivery and maintenance of mining equipment while bolstering the overall health of the Bitcoin network by enhancing the distribution and decentralization of mining power.

By reducing barriers to entry and ensuring that even smaller players can compete effectively, international service providers like Uminers support the growth and sustainability of the cryptocurrency landscape, ensuring that it remains robust and accessible to a diverse range of participants.

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