Top 3 Cardano-based Altcoins that Could Deliver Massive Returns

Some Cardano ecosystem tokens, including Minswap (MIN), Indigo (INDY) and Liqwid (LQ), have the potential to deliver impressive returns for investors in 2024. 

While Cardano (ADA) as a token has not performed as impressively as anticipated, its ecosystem has continued to record significant growth. Notably, this bullish growth path began last year and has persisted into the current market phase.

Last November, The Crypto Basic reported that the Cardano TVL had grown to 669 million ADA at the time, marking a new all-time high in terms of ADA. This figure would translate to over $2 billion at ADA’s all-time high of $3.10.

As the Cardano DeFi ecosystem continued to record massive growth, it surpassed Bitcoin in DeFi TVL, with Cardano overtaking Bitcoin as the 11th largest blockchain by TVL. At the time, the Cardano DeFi TVL had expanded to a whopping $240 million, while Bitcoin stood at $237 million.

This impressive growth was a direct result of the capital injected into Cardano-based projects, as the ecosystem continued to command investor interest. As a result, market watchers expect the tokens associated with some of these projects to witness substantial price growth this cycle.

Minswap (MIN)

Minswap is a multi-pool decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain. It distinguishes itself from conventional exchanges by functioning as a community-governed platform, facilitating token swaps with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency.

Minswap received the Best Cardano DeFi/DEX Project Award at the Cardano Summit for 2023. The protocol’s TVL saw a remarkable spike last February as it witnessed an influx of capital, spiking to a high of 179 million ADA in July 2023. 

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Despite a mild drop from this figure, Minswap’s TVL remains above the 160 million ADA mark, currently sitting at 164 million ADA worth $96.94 million against prevailing rates. This makes Minswap the second largest DeFi protocol on Cardano in terms of TVL.

Holders of MIN, the native token of the Minswap DEX, enjoy multiple benefits such as governance voting and the opportunity to earn rewards through staking. MIN has already performed admirably in this phase, up 58% since last November to $0.0355. 

Indigo (INDY)

Indigo is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol for synthetic assets. Leveraging smart contracts, Indigo enables users to mint fully collateralized synthetic assets, termed iAssets. These iAssets mirror real-world assets, offering users exposure without the necessity of holding the actual underlying assets.

Indigo has attracted considerable capital since launch, with its TVL recently surging to $125 million last month. In addition, INDY, its native token which allows holders to participate in governance voting, currently boasts a market cap of $10.88 million, indicating more room for growth.

INDY has not performed impressively since the third quarter of last year, but investors remain optimistic. The token has dropped 20% year-to-date to the current price of $2.11. However, as the protocol gains more traction, INDY could see the necessary strength for a rebound this year.

Liqwid (LQ)

Liqwid is one of the fastest-growing Cardano protocols worthy of attention this year. The protocol gives users the opportunity to borrow and lend tokens. Lenders supply liquidity to pools, minting qTokens. Borrowers can then borrow against their qToken balance.

Liqwid hit a new TVL ATH last month when its total value locked surged to $68 million on March 5, translating to 88 million ADA. Liqwid’s TVL has since dropped to $49.75 million as of press time, making it the third-largest Cardano-based protocol.

Its native token, LQ, has also underperformed since late last year, when it dropped from a $5.4 high in December 2023. Meanwhile, LQ still commands a market cap below $1 million, signifying significant room for more growth. The token currently trades for $2.20.

Disclaimer: This content is informational and should not be considered financial advice. The views expressed in this article may include the author’s personal opinions and do not reflect The Crypto Basic’s opinion. Readers are encouraged to do thorough research before making any investment decisions. The Crypto Basic is not responsible for any financial losses.


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