Uminers to Establish Powerful Crypto Mining Data Center in Ethiopia

The burgeoning company, Uminers (HK), which specializes in crypto mining equipment and facility, recently unveiled its plans to erect a new data center in the vibrant heartland of Ethiopia. This strategic maneuver underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its mining capabilities and strengthening its foothold in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

In a bold leap forward, work on this monumental project has already broken ground. The expectation set by Uminers is to have it fully operational by the fall of 2024. The initial phase of the grand plan involves an extremely powerful setup packing a formidable 100 megawatts of capacity and deploying approximately 24,000 high-performance ASIC miners. Included in this arsenal are state-of-the-art models like the Antminer S21, S21 Hydro, T21, and the S19.

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In an astute observation, Uminers’ President, Batyr Hydyrov, lamented on the ever-increasing complexity of the mining landscape. He pointed out that optimum productivity in extracting the remaining bitcoins necessitates noteworthy investment in stalwart equipment. Hydyrov also highlighted the progressively more heated global race for consistent and ample electrical power. He pointed out that the recent worldwide slowdown in miner sales stemmed primarily from a dearth of installation sites and available power capacity.

Ethiopia was the chosen destination for this innovative enterprise, primarily due to the compelling perks the country presents. Chief among these is the nation’s abundant access to affordable, eco-friendly hydroelectric power, positioning Ethiopia as an ideal site for the establishment of a mining data center.

Uminers’ latest project echoes its resounding mantra, ‘Crypto needs more power.’ This sentiment has been a consistent theme in the company’s presentations at numerous industry expos. Hydyrov expressed that Uminers’ leadership has a firm grasp on industry trends and is strategically positioning the company to address the never-ceasing evolution of demands in the crypto world.

In addition to its Ethiopian expansion, Uminers articulated plans to spread its wings into diverse regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

This ambitious initiative solidifies UMINERS’ standing in the global market. More importantly, it stands as a testament to the company’s investment in the economic and technological advancement of Ethiopia.

About Uminers: Launched in 2017, Uminers is an international corporation that boasts a unique specialization in crypto mining equipment. This trailblazing company operates multiple mining facilities boasting an impressive total capacity of 90 MW. Uminers, an authorized distributor for industry powerhouses like BITMAIN and MicroBT, have their operational headquarters nestled in the bustling city of Guangzhou, China. They also maintain a commanding presence through branches in Hong Kong, the UAE, and USA, reflecting a dedication to providing comprehensive turnkey solutions to their clients.

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