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Despite having hundreds of thousands of social media followers, pseudonymous crypto trader Daan Crypto Trades isn’t keen on doxxing himself for glory. He’s just focused on pumping out posts that analyze the crypto charts.

“I don’t really care about people knowing exactly who I am,” Daan Crypto Trades tells Hall of Flame. The cagey crypto influencer does reveal that he is based somewhere in the Netherlands. 

His actual name or age? That’s set to remain a mystery. “I’m not sure if it is smart for me to say these things,” he laughs during our hour-long online call, with his camera off. 

After a little nudging, Daan reveals he is in the “20- to 30-year-old” age bracket.

But he keeps his hobbies, interests, and all that stuff under wraps. It must be tough not being able to brag on dating apps about being famous on X with 371,900 followers.

Those closest to him know all about the man Daan Crypto Trades, however. “It’s not too secret to not be able to tell my real friends and my family about it, so that’s nice,” he reveals.

Daan is a soft-spoken man and probably a gym buff, considering his strict fitness routine. He splits his time between the gym, trading crypto and managing the never-ending number of messages he receives daily.

“Usually I wake up, read through the Discord and the Telegram chats, as they have stacked up with messages overnight, then get some breakfast and usually go to the gym,” he says about his morning routine. 

When he gets back to his computer, he usually finds that he has been spammed with offers from crypto exchanges.

“Every day there’s these same exchanges that are like, ‘we want to work with you. We got some nice affiliate bonuses,’ and I’ve declined the same exchanges a hundred times,” he laughs.

(X/Daan Crypto Trades)

Daan does work with exchanges, but he’s picky about it. He only deals with the ones he uses himself and has zero interest in promoting any he doesn’t trade on himself.

One you’ll often see him sliding into his posts on X is his partner link with ByBit.

What led to Fame for Daan Crypto Trades?

Daan thinks that wearing his professor hat bolstered his X follower count during the 2021 bull run. “What really propelled my account more than ever were these educational threads. I did a lot of them into 2021,” he explains.

The threads are a series of explainer posts on different topics his followers were curious about. 

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Instead of typing out replies to each question, he’d just throw up a long thread he could send them to, sorta like having a ready-made library of content.

“I would post something about market structure, for example, and then there are always several comments saying, ‘Okay, what is market structure?’” he laughs.

(X/Daan Crypto Trades)

It seemed to have worked well, as he trebled his followers within two months.

“I think I got like 30K followers back to back two months while I was at 20K or 30K.”

The library and content keep getting used as the same questions keep coming up over and over.

“Still doing occasionally but not as much because the thing is I always get the same questions about relatively basic subjects every time,” he explains.

“I can just refer to them whenever people ask a question, and it also makes it so I have this big library of subjects,” he adds.

What type of content does Daan Crypto Trades like?

Daan is not big on going all-in on a crypto project or acting too bullish. He likes to keep it fairly balanced with the technical analysis.

“Overall, I try to be as neutral as possible in my approach,” he says, explaining that his content is mainly general market analysis.

“I’d say it’s mostly just a Bitcoin or Ethereum chart where I roughly think we’re heading,” he says.

(X/Daan Crypto Trades)

If you’re looking for someone to guide you on making a ton of cash with futures trading in crypto, Daan isn’t your guy.

“You don’t need to follow me if you want me to tell you to go long or go short because I don’t think it’s something I like,” Daan adds.

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“I just don’t like being so polarizing, so I always try to keep it neutral, even if I have a bit of bias. It shines through a bit, but nothing through the extremes,” he asserts.

“In those certain trades, they’ll love you when you’re right, and they’ll hate you when you’re wrong,” he laughs.

What content does Daan Crypto Trades like?

Daan reveals that he is “mostly interested” in high-profile crypto traders who share insights into how they think about their trades and execute them.

“I think it’s very valuable because, obviously, these guys are the top 0.1% out there and they’re not doing this for money because obviously they’re doing just fine, which is easily shown on the ByBit leaderboards,” he says.

(X/Daan Crypto Trades)

Two companies he enjoys following are also anonymous to the world of crypto: DeFi Squared and High Stakes Capital. The latter reached the top of the profit and loss leaderboard of the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX in 2020.

Daan Crypto Trades Predictions?

Daan says that he is most bullish on the native token for Bitcoin layer-2 network Stacks (STX) for this upcoming cycle.

Source: X/Daan Crypto Trades

Stacks — which Daan holds in his own portfolio —  is currently trading at $2.02, and Daan believes that “$3.5 to $5” isn’t off the cards.

But if Bitcoin doubles in price, altcoins usually double that, making it a potential 4X increase, according to Daan. So, if that’s the case, Stacks might hit $8.

“I’m bad at these longer-term price predictions,” he laughs.

He’s not big on throwing out long-term forecasts. He’s more into analyzing current chart trends and using them for overall adoption forecasts.

“I care more about the narrative and whether I think the project itself will get adoption or do well during a cycle,” he says.

In the second half of 2025, Daan sees Bitcoin hitting $120,000 and Ether reaching $10,000. He also believes that might be when the price cycle peaks.

Ciaran Lyons

Ciaran Lyons is an Australian crypto journalist. He’s also a standup comedian and has been a radio and TV presenter on Triple J, SBS and The Project.


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